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Time for Back to School!

Updated on July 25, 2011

The Value of eReaders

Well, here it is, July 25th - exactly five months until Christmas. Where does the summer go? In a little over three weeks, school starts again! It seems that it was only yesterday that school got out! The reality is that it was nearly two months ago. Although there will be some more vacations and swimming this summer, thoughts will soon turn to getting ready for school if they haven't done so already. There will be supplies and clothes to buy. Many will have all purchases made in time for the first day of school. BUT, will your child be ready? By ready, I mean will they have maintained some focus and continuity over the summer? Will the ones headed to school for the first time have a jump start? It is always hard to push this agenda during the summer but when summer boredom strikes, that will be the time to get the kids to read or brush up on math skills. It's been my experience that it is a lot easier after school starts to get back in the groove so to speak if you have not gotten entirely out of it to begin with or you have at least jumped back into it before the first bell rings!

One thing I have learned this summer is that kids like their technology even to the point that they seemingly become more willing to read! A friend clued me in on having the ability to download ebooks to my computer and then from there to my Nook Color. This is great for summer reading as many of the titles are available through the public library. My son seems to be enjoying reading more this way. Is it the technology or is he just more mature? Who knows! Maybe it is a little of both. Either way works for me. You might want to consider an eReader for you, a child or for your family in general. You might find that you need more than one. I received one last year for Christmas but strangely enough, I am not the one using it!


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    • kschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel 6 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      My son told me that now students can rent their college textbooks on kindle only for the amount of time they need them. Too late for him, though, since he graduated in May!


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