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How to Teach Children Internet Saftey

Updated on July 13, 2011

Nowadays The Internet and children seem to be great comrades.Well I see this is a good news for the society.I do see the dangerous side of it and also have gone through many unpleasant incidents occurred through social networking and other sorts of cyber bullying.Being a person who has been using Internet from a small age itself I know it's wrongs as well as safe side itself.Right now I want to convey some exclusive tips to Teach Children About Internet Safety.

Don't get Paranoid By The Money Monger Computer Monitoring System Vendors.

No intelligent cyber-criminals out there would hypnotize your children through the Internet and take him to their custody. Why? Because they've got better business to do.There are still lot of rich computer-illiterate people with a huge bank balance, those who keep their year of birth and telephone numbers as their credit-card password.Besides looting them ,nobody is gonna come after your child who doesn't even have his name on a bank's paper.Fear is one of the most effective emotion of a person.All what these computer monitoring system developers do is to invoke a feeling of insecurity on the parents and as soon as the parents gets hypnotized by the vendors they buy and install the software which could indeed be a fraud keylogger.
Even if, lets suppose, you've installed a computer monitoring system to monitor your child.I bet his first attempt will be to surpass it and ultimately they will surpass it for sure.Such actions are not only worthless but also induces an untrustworthy feeling in him which will finally lead to untrustworthiness itself.So stay out from taking any such foolish, inconsistent decisions.

Banning Internet for Children Is Not The Solution.

Internet is the next form of global-society and nowadays many of our life-status has merely become 'online' or 'offline'.So by keeping the Internet away from the children you're making him miss a whole lot of society.They have the rights to understand and learn from the best source of information in the universe - the Internet! Only because of the unawareness about the existence of educational and useful contents in the Internet its potential remains unexploited yet.

Promoting Trust and Discernment About Internet, on Children!

Children should be trusted and should be taught to trust back.If he is not trusted by his parents he would never care to convince anyone what he does.Children are much smarter than elder people and in whatever ways you try to block him from something he will do it one way or the other, at home or somewhere else unless he understands and accepts the catch.
The best way to keep your children safe on the Internet is to teach them about the possible traps about it in plain and simple words.But first parents have to be educated about it then they have to teach their children.They must be able to discern about each contents whether its healthy or unhealthy to them.The best thing about Internet for children is that, even shy children tend to speak smartly online because Internet is a better expressive medium for thoughts.So speaking too much frankly with a stranger may definitely lead to some trouble.They must be given more freedom at home to speak out about new friends and his latest minor crimes.Later, they need to be advised or guided in good and polite words.

Keep an Eye on Social Networking Websites In the Internet.

You could blame the social networking websites for 80% of Internet related risks for children.Its better not to create an account for children in any of the social networking website until he is of a mature age.They don't gain anything by keeping such an account no social interaction skill, no physical exercise, no talents. Instead of that encourage him to watch educational video's , read good tutorials , learn new skills etc from the Internet.Internet by itself is not a devil for the children it depends on how you guide your children to use the Internet.These are easily to implement tips to teach children about Internet safety.

It's A HubMob Hub On The Internet And Children!


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