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Tips To Develop The Reading Habit In Your Child

Updated on May 13, 2013

Children may not get the reading habit on their own. In fact, developing this habit in your child may be a difficult task. You may find it more difficult if your child is not fluent in reading. The only way to develop this habit in your child is to constantly keep motivating him or her. But, how to go about the while process is a big question.

Children should not consider reading as a task. This means that they should be interested in it. When they are involved in anything they are interested in, they may not feel boredom. Otherwise, they will feel as if they are compelled to do this task. The following tips may help.

- Experts suggest a concept called "Shared Reading" for removing the pressure of performance in the children. A few other experts call this as "reading with the child". So, you must pick a book that may interest your child and use this concept. You should suggest to the child that you will be reading a sentence and the child will read the next one and so on. You should begin slowly. If there are pictures related to the words, you should point them out and explain to the child how the words are related to the pictures. Initially, you cannot expect the child to complete a chapter in a day. You can start with one paragraph a day and slowly increase it.

- You can find out the friends of your child and discuss with their parents to begin Book Clubs. When children read together, they may develop interest in the habit. You and the other parents should allow the children to choose the book they want to read. The concept of "shared reading" can be applied among the children. Then, they should be motivated to discuss about the book. Parents should also participate in such discussions and every one of the parents should make sure that there is fun during such gatherings.

- Children come across various characters when they watch television and there may be many books featuring those characters. You should find out from your child which character he or she likes the most and get those books in which the character is featured. You need not shun comic books. Your aim is to develop the reading habit in the child. Once your child finishes the complete set of books featuring the first character, you can move on to the next. In the initial stages, you need not bother about non-fictions. Once your child develops the reading habit, he or she will certainly move on to non-fictions also. But, if your child already has interest in a particular topic, you can get books covering that particular topic.

- You can allow your child to read magazines, newspapers, etc. also. You can encourage the child to read from the Internet also because there are many websites that are children-friendly.
- You should slowly improve the vocabulary of your child. You can begin with each alphabet and tell simple words in each of the alphabets. You can also try what is called the "Rhyming Technique" in which you can encourage your child to tell rhyming words for every word you utter. If the child struggles initially, you should help him or her out. You should not expect quick or instant results. You must make consistent efforts to improve the vocabulary of the child. But, you must ensure that your child understands each word before you move on to the next one.


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