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Tips for Parenting

Updated on June 8, 2012

The parenting is very tough in today's scenario.

Today, in the modern culture it is very difficult to guide and handle our children. The parenting today is not only a very tough job but also it is very challenging for all of us. If, anyway we make any type of mistake or not taking proper care in the guidance of our child then this may be harmful to the future of our child. And in the reverse, if we give the good guidance and advice in a right direction, it will always be useful for whole the life. A proper guidance of the parents becomes very necessary in today's scenario.

To do this there are some tricks and ways by using which we can give a better guidance. By applying the following some tricks you can make a better future of your child-

  1. Everyone loves the disciplined child and thus you have to guide your child so that he can learn discipline.  This quality will not only keep your child from looking different from others but he will also get a good remarks everywhere whether it is school or relatives or your friends or the neighbourer or any guest. This will not only give a confidence & happiness to your child but you will also be proud on your child.
  2. Always criticize for the bad habit or bad work of your child. This will prevents to adapt the bad habits to be continued in your child. Similarly, always appraise for their good and creative work or habits. This will produce not only a happiness to him but also, it will create a confidence repeat such works in future also. This results, be the base for the better future of your child.
  3. Guide your child to better use some good word like welcome, thank you, good day, good morning or any wish like happy birthday, happy father's day etc. Also guide them to give respect to all our elders, guests etc. This will make a better image of your child everywhere and you will also feel proud on him.
  4. If your child is insisting to get a genuine items or work or play or toys etc. then always try to complete their demand but not always, else this will be difficult to refuse in case of any causality.  So sometimes you can refuse them giving proper justification for this. Also there may be some unjustified things also, you can once deny or approved for.  Because of everyone knows that this is the nature of the child to insist on anything. What they like.
  5. Handle your child with love and tricks on any unwanted topics. This will help to reduce their type of habit. Also don't overlook their questions on any topics and provide them a proper and satisfied answer.
  6. Give better opportunity to speak and talk to your child, this will make your child bold. Also encourage them for all their positive or creative work and give full support for that so that his mind always goes towards the creativity.
  7. Be friendly with your child and share some time with your child also. But always take precautions to save your parental rights. If you are losing your parental right then it will be very much difficult to guide and handle your child
  8. Don't compare your child with others, this will create superiority complex in your child. Each and every child has separate quality & talent with him and the comparison only creates problem. Your child may also have some talent and you must need to develop those talents to give them a good future. This is the responsibility of the parents to explore this talent. Remember that each & every talent in this world has separate and good value.
  9. Guide your child to make them social. It will be giving them your child a new height.
  10. You don't have much expectation from your child and don't pressurize them to complete your own dreams. It will be dangerous for your child and sometimes it may destroy their future also. 
  11. Guide the child to learn the discipline but don't set a boundary for him.  The children have sometimes not to follow your instruction; in this case you have to solve this matter very diplomatically.
  12. Add some good & informative things in the daily work from which your child may affected and can learn some good habits. It will also be benefited for your child's future development.
  13. Take extra care for your child from your bad environment in the surrounding, like any bad neighbor. Put them in a good quality school which has a better discipline, good culture and better study environment. It will automatically increase the possibility of good future of your child.
  14. Give them some small work to do themselves. This will create self confidence on the child. Sometimes let them to purchase their some small items like chocolate or give them a chance to participate in this type of work.
  15. Guide your child that what id the good and what is the bad and what will be the effect of adapting these habits. This will improve their knowledge as well as their understanding about the bad & good and so they can differentiate it. Also they will avoid the bad things to adapt.

These are some tips that may really be beneficial if these are well followed. These points may help them to develop their future and get a good high in this fast running world. Which is most important for everyone?



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