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Tips for Parents of daughters

Updated on May 10, 2016

Daughter Tips

Parent’s with daughters Tips 101

*I have no experience with boys!!

Use any kind of conditioner on doll hair to remove knots and tangles. Rub the conditioner in the doll’s hair and let it sit for about ten minutes. Run some water through the doll’s hair, and let the hair dry. (I always braid it when it’s wet, mainly because my daughter likes her dolls’ hair to be curly, but it also prevents doll hair frizz) After the hair is dry and yes this may take awhile but please avoid using a hair dryer, brush doll’s hair and voila! Shiny tangle free hair!

Speaking of conditioner, please use conditioner on your daughter’s hair too, followed by a detangler if your daughter is particularly tender headed like mine is.

Always be positive around your daughter. Girls are so sensitive (at least mine is) and they are very in tune with their emotions, even at an early age. So when they see you upset, they start to have negative emotions as well. Try to maintain a calm, cool, collected, and confident image at all times. I understand that sometimes this is a process and that life happens but this is a skillfully practiced art and well worth it for your daughter.

Do NOT give your daughter a bubble bath every single night. Girls are highly prone to urinary tract infections and continuous bubble baths promote bacteria and cause UTI’s. Of course your daughter may love bubble baths as does mine, but try to limit them to only twice a week. If you want to liven up bath time, get some glow sticks (my daughter loves the pink ones) and put them in the water, then cut out the lights. You may want to get a night light to put in the bathroom so that she can see better while using the glow sticks.

Let her have her own style once she is old enough to do so. If she isn’t a girly girl, don’t force her to be. Let her choose which styles she likes. It reflects her personality instead of yours.

Even let her help you choose your outfit! This will include her and make her feel important.

Share secrets with her. This will allow her to feel connected with you and she will share all her problems and secrets with you.

Have an at home spa day with her! I buy mud masks, and nail polish and we pamper ourselves and have mom/daughter bonding time. It’s super easy and fun and a great way to relax.

If your daughter has a shoe obsession such as mine does, try displaying her shoes for her in her room in a cute, creative way. I hung up a closet organizer on her closet door, and I leave it open and it shows all of her shoes (which she absolutely loves) and it also adds flare to her bedroom!

Buy the My life Dolls at Walmart instead of American Girl Dolls if your daughter ever asks Santa for one. They are essentially the same thing, but the My life Dolls are so much cheaper!!! Not saying that American Girl Dolls aren’t worth their amount, but most of us don’t have the money for them.

Plant a garden with her. This is relatively new for me, but my 7 year old has been literally BEGGING for me and her to plant a garden together. So, we finally got the stuff to plant a flower garden . She loves it and it’s such a good way for us to spend time together. It also teaches her that taking care of something and utilizing hard work results in a very beautiful thing! Flowers! (In this case, but you get the point.)

Also, my daughter loves Monster High Dolls and they are a bit pricey as well. And while I have bought her SEVERAL of them, Dollar General has a knock off version of these dolls called Gothic Girls. They look the same but way cheaper. Monster High Dolls can range from $18-$30! But the Gothic Girls are only $5!


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