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Tips for Spending Quality Time With Your Child

Updated on February 13, 2013

Finding time to spend as a family can be difficult. Particularly in today's fast pace society. Still, parents need to spend “quality” time with their children. This means spending intentional time time focusing on your family and doing activities that are meaningful to both parent and child. It is time when family members come together and really get to know each other. It is focused attention on the other person and a time to share thoughts as well as feelings.

Talk With Your Child

One of the most simple things that many families fail to do, is simply to talk. Spend time talking with your child. Find topics that interest you both. If you find talking to be a difficult task, start with the days events. Simply ask your child how they felt about the day. Through observation and interaction with parents, children learn how to communicate and express themselves .They learn to listen as well as how to read and understand nonverbal clues.

Teaching Needed Lessons

The time children spend with their families helps them to learn about families in general and their family in particular. They learn how to care for another person. They learn about sharing and loss. They learn family dynamics and roles. They learn to stand up for their rights and how to speak up for themselves.

Development of Self Esteem

Quality time helps children develop positive self image and self esteem. It is a time to communicate morals and values that are an important foundation to establishing who a child will be. The words of praise and encouragement transmit feelings of love that help a child grow and develop the courage to try new things and approach the world with confidence.


Developing Trust

A child's first lesson in trust begins at home. Children first learn to trust (or sometimes distrust) their parents. They also learn what it means to be trusted and trustworthy. Children who are given opportunities to accomplish task on their own learn that trying new tasks is okay. They can be trusted to take risk and succeed or fail. They learn from their mistakes and learn not to be afraid to try again.


Responsibility is another important trait that children learn while spending quality time. They learn to manage their own behavior through guidance and discipline. Children need parents to guide them through life. They are on their way to adulthood and need help to become a responsible and self sufficient adult. Children learn about appropriate behavior through the guidance and discipline they receive. There is no one right way to discipline a child. In fact, there are a variety of discipline techniques out there. What is important is the ongoing relationship between parent and child.

Suggestions for Quality Time Activities

  • Walking together as a family. Talk during this time and learn more about each other. Make i fun and entertaining for both you and your child.
  • Family game nigh. Game nights provide time to enjoy each other's company. Children often look forward to this time with anticipation.
  • Cook together. There are many kid friendly recipes you can find for free online. Creating a few of these dishes will provide you child with a valuable learning experience as well as be quality time they will remember for life.
  • Go on a date. Schedule a special outing with your child. If you have more than one child it can be a great idea to have a date night with each separately, if possible. Children that have to share you with siblings will especially enjoy this one on one time with you.


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