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Tips for a New Father

Updated on July 19, 2010

When a baby is born there is a lot of excitement and attention paid to the mother and baby, but what about the new father?  Throughout your baby’s life they will need their father.  It is always great to see a new father that is all excited to spend time with their child and take part in the role as caregiver. 

Some new fathers feel they are left out of the baby’s life and routine early on because there are so many things that mothers are able to do that fathers cannot.  One of these would be breastfeeding.  While the father cannot breastfeed naturally (there are devices available for fathers to breastfeed) it doesn’t mean they cannot take part in the feeding routine.  Once the mother finishes feeding the baby the father could do the burping.  This gives the father a connection to the feeding routine and keeps him involved.

To help build the bond it is also recommended that fathers spend some skin to skin time with their newborn baby.  It could be as simple as letting the baby take a nap while laying on your bare chest.  I would recommend throwing a receiving blanket over both of you just to contain the warmth.  But this is a great opportunity to make a connection with your child. 

Another area a father could get more involved would be at bath time and bed time.  These are great opportunities to make a connection and to stay involved in your baby’s life.  There will be times in you child’s life where they will need one parent over the other, but building these routines helps establish a great connection.  I have know many new father’s get a great feeling out of giving their son or daughter a bath, then reading them a bed time story and rocking them to sleep. 

The best thing to do is if you are starting to feel left out is to talk to your partner.  Let them know how you feel and let them know you want to be more involved.  This way you can both work out different things to get you involved.  Just remember this is a precious time in your child’s life.  You will never be able to get this time back.  Hopefully this helps the new fathers out there in ways to try to be involved in your newborns life.

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