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Tips for choosing the right bike for your kids

Updated on June 12, 2008

Now that spring has arrived you might be thinking of pruchasing a bike for your litle one. Whether your are buying new or used, it's best to do the shopping with your child. There are so many styles and different sizes of bikes you want to make sure to get a bike that will fit your child and your childs needs.

Before making your purchase consider where your child will be riding his or her bike, in the city on paved roads and side walks or perhaps they'll be riding more in an off road setting such as a rulal area. For a child who will be riding in the city you can look a bikes whos tread isn't that rugged. For more advertuous riding whether beginning or not a thicker wheel tread will work much better.

I suggested earlier taking your child bike shopping with you beacse you have to make sure when your child is sitting on his or her new bike they are properly proportioned. Your childs feet should be albe to sit flat on the ground with a slight bend at the knees.(At the seats lowest level) If yor child is small it is important to make sure they can reach the handle bars with out leaning forward or stretching too much. Have your child stand over the center bar on the bike it shouldn't touch the groin area.

If your looking for a bike with shocks for more rugged riding give them a test, pushing your weight on to the bike, if the shocks slightly move with your weight the bike is probably pretty good. If you find it bounces too much look at another choice. I realized finding a bike that both you and your child can agree on may be difficult, but it is imprtant to get a bike that fits and suits your families needs.

One more thing, remember helmets are manditory and for beginning riders it's a good idea to give them elbow and knee pads for safty. A good place to find good kids bikes at great prices is Walmart, and Kmart, or Canadian tire in Canada. Happy Shopping


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    • profile image

      UsedMountainBikes 7 years ago

      If the bike is a small kid's first bike, then buying at one of the discount stores is okay. But if the kid is older and he or she is getting into mountain biking, then shop at a local bike shop. Do not buy a bike for a kid for "serious" riding and expect him to have fun and continue riding.

    • raguett profile image

      raguett 9 years ago

      Thanks for the comment...I'l check out your hub....R

    • Ren Chin profile image

      Ren Chin 9 years ago

      good hub. i just posted a hub on the skuut (if you wanna read it, sewarch for skuut or go to which i think is a good transition bike. I like your comments about shocks. Kids definately think they are cool! ...but it's important to test them out. Definately make sure your kids wear helmets. safety first!