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Tips for Handling a New Born

Updated on February 14, 2018

Imagine what's next

Well well well!!! For the first-time parents, nothing is a cake walk and you are clueless about everything that's coming your way; starting from the very beginning of those 9 months of pregnancy, you make it through the labour room and then delivery. Imagine what's next.... now you are just ready to plunge into another more exciting and all together new experience of handling your new born! You then realize how nervousness sinks in even though you're excited - it's all a mixed feeling and to add to the topping, sleepless nights.... Well, I have no intention of scaring you but life ahead definitely needs a lot of learning and this learning comes through experience of your own and sometimes help from friends and family.

First-time parents feel comfortable about the whole experience of caring for your new born baby -

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Tips can help even the most nervous first-time parents

Immediate help after delivery/childbirth:

Ask and get as much help as possible from the hospital before leaving for home. All hospitals have feeding specialists, often called as lactation consultants who are known to help you get used to nursing experience. Also, nurses can be a great help right from the way you hold your baby, to how to give a burp, change diapers clothes, swaddling and all the care that your baby needs.

In addition to this, family and friends often help.

Learning to handle a New born

The most important and foremost is to always remember to wash your hands (or use a hand sanitizer) before handling the baby. New borns have just come into the world and so everything for them is new, also they don't have a strong immune system yet. Your new born is easily prone to infections at this stage of life. Make sure that everyone who handles or comes to see your baby has sanitized their hands before touching the baby. It's very important to be extra cautious and careful to support your baby's head and neck as they are most delicate at this point. Swaddle the baby correctly and support the head with your palm when holding your baby - be firm get gentle at the same time. Also remember to support the neck at the same time with your hand. Always handle with care.

Massage is very important

Make sure you massage your new born every day. I gave a minimum of 40 days at the start to start with massage for my baby. You can massage with a simple coconut oil or olive oil. Make it very gentle as their skin is tender and new borns aren't formed properly yet. Massage basically helps in blood circulation, helps emotional connect and creates bond between mother and baby, also helps with infant growth and development. You may either sing or talk to the baby while massaging to make it fun and interesting for the baby. They love sound and don't think they don't pay attention. They are also sensitive to sounds and noises.

Swaddling is important too

Swaddling a new born is a must and works well for babies during their initial few weeks. It is another soothing technique parents must remember to do. The reason I used to swaddle my baby was that she needed to be warm all over the body as she was in the womb. This is how it is for most of the babies. Also, their head needs to be covered well so to keep them warm as the head portion is very soft and fragile too now. Proper swaddling helps baby to be warm as in a mother's womb. It should be just right and not too tight. Make sure the baby's legs are little loose inside so to move. Take help from the doctor or nurse to learn the best way to Swaddle.

Remember the diaper Dos and Don'ts

Before you start diapering your baby, you must make sure to keep everything that you need handy, to change the baby. All must be within reach so you don't leave your baby unattended at any given point and time. You will need diapers, cotton balls, water, wet wipes and sanitizer for yourself. Don't be too rough or haste while wiping or making the baby wear diaper. When wiping a girl, wipe her bottom from front to back to avoid a urinary tract infection. Change your baby's diaper as frequently as possible to avoid rashes.

Baby's sleep is very important

Make sure the baby sleeps well. You'll have to keep feeding the baby every two hours to keep your baby full. 15-20 mins for each feed. Always remember to burp the baby before putting him down after feed. That's a must because their reflux system isn't strong yet. Burp after every feed is very important.

Last but not the least - bath time

I wouldn't suggest bathing the baby until the umbilical cord falls off. Even if you choose to sponge bath, make sure you avoid any water from touching the cord area. It always needs to be dry and don't ever dab or apply powder or any such thing near the cord area. In fact, I wouldn't recommend any powder or lotion on the baby at least first six months. Their skin is very tender and still forming. When you choose to bathe, make sure the water is lukewarm and not too hot or too cold. Don't let the baby be in water for long. You may hold the baby on your lap or hand to bathe as the baby cannot use the bath tub till the time he/she learns to sit by himself/herself.

While these are just a few tips of many, you'll learn with experience by yourself. So just relax and Happy Parenting!

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