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Tips on how to be a good nanny

Updated on October 30, 2014

So you are looking for a job in childcare that requires entry level experience and decent pay. After some research and maybe some suggestions from friends or family you have settled on being a Nanny. Whether this is a part time job or a new career for you, being a nanny is a position to take seriously. You are responsible for someone else s children; and you should never underestimate that responsibility. Here are some helpful tips that will lead you to be a nanny that every parent will to hire and give great references to for future jobs.

1. Have a clean record

It is important that you have a clean background when applying for nanny jobs. I can almost guarantee you that the website you are on, such as, will request a background check as well as the parents who are interviewing you. There is no lying about your record in working with children. So if you do not have a clean criminal record, don't even apply for a nanny position because you will not get it.

2. Parents Rule is Number One

The parents have the overall ruling when it comes to their kids. Sometimes you can work with the parents on certain rules if they are flexible and ask for your input. But most of the time parents know how they want to raise and discipline their children. You are being paid to respect that and not to create your own parenting methods for someone else s child.

3. Don't let the kids take control

Kids are a lot smarter and sneakier than they look, even at just two years old! They can manipulate and will try to get their way almost all the time. They are just learning their boundaries and will try to push them with you, especially because you are new and not the parent. Just remember, YOU are the adult! Do not let the kids gain the power. Be strong.

4. Be flexible

It is every parents dream to have a nanny that can work with their busy schedules and be flexible. They are hiring a nanny because they are too busy to be home all the time and their careers or hobbies are an important part of their lives that they want to maintain. If you are in school or working another job, tell the parents up front at the interview so they know not to ask for hours you cant provide. But if this is your full-time job, try your best to work with the parents schedule. It is a rare and admired quality parents look for in a nanny.

5. Be on time, Every time.

This is very important. When you are late, the parents are late. When your lateness starts to affect the careers of your employers, you will not be in the job much longer. Try to call in at least couple hours, or the night before, you are supposed to go in if you are sick so that the parents can make alternate plans for childcare. It is the same courtesy you would provide at any other job, and the families who are employing you deserve that.

6. Get to know the family/Make sure you fit well together.

When you are with a family almost everyday and spending time with their kids you are an influence in that child's life. Get to know the family. It is important that not only the family like you but you like the family as well . It creates a comfortable and communicable work environment for everyone. If you go to an interview and cannot stand the parents, don't take the job. Even if the kids are amazing you need to be happy with all of the aspects of your job that you will surrounding yourself with, as do the parents as well.

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