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Tips to Keep Your Child Entertained :)

Updated on May 2, 2012

Keep your Budding artist Entertained:)

let them explore the Lego world.
let them explore the Lego world. | Source
Outing time- Lets build something from sand mma.
Outing time- Lets build something from sand mma. | Source
Basketball at gaming zone is also good way to keep entertained.
Basketball at gaming zone is also good way to keep entertained. | Source
Join hands for drumming.
Join hands for drumming. | Source
Create stories to play with there favourite toys.
Create stories to play with there favourite toys. | Source
Kids love to learn something more challenging.
Kids love to learn something more challenging. | Source
Kids love to play in water and Swimming is great to shape them. Coach- is father in pic.
Kids love to play in water and Swimming is great to shape them. Coach- is father in pic. | Source
Nature stroll. zoo or bird park they will love to be with nature.
Nature stroll. zoo or bird park they will love to be with nature. | Source
Tell them about great facts of veggies by joining hands with them in mis en place for cooking.
Tell them about great facts of veggies by joining hands with them in mis en place for cooking. | Source
Kids love to do cooking. Encourage them to prepare something on there own on your supervision:)
Kids love to do cooking. Encourage them to prepare something on there own on your supervision:) | Source
Set them free and allow them to mess up n paint:)
Set them free and allow them to mess up n paint:) | Source

Keeping child entertained- Difficult but not Impossible:)

We all need change in our day to day routine, like to be entertained. And a child needs to be always entertained, no exception for him. I discovered this in my own child and found the ways to keep him entertained. Even one month old child enjoys hearing soft music, lullaby sung by parents. Two months old looks at his mother and waits to be entertained and response by a sweet cute toothless smile. Same as whenever my son and my hubby are together both father n son duo laugh together, share a joke, have bath together, fool around each other, play cricket or football, making stories with favourite Thomas toy train – these are all examples of entertainment that does not cost much. Just from your busy schedule time for your kids which I feel is worth.

Spending time together in such environment helps to pursuits happiness and a child enjoy the company of his parents, to come closer to them, to build a bonding, to feel more free to share his/her problems with them if need be, and to grow become a happy and healthy person. A balanced approach in lifestyle surely helps to achieve this.

Here are few tips where you can keep your child entertained:

1. Hobbies: It provide children with a good means of self- expression. Hobby does not interfere with a child’s studies unless they starts spending too much time and ignore school work. Do not force your child to take up any particular hobby where you want them to excel but it’s not there wish. Expose to different possible hobbies and help them to pick up according to their aptitude. My three year five months old son loves to paint, at times he makes mess but when he comes up with some art the happiness in his face is more than millions. Like this, he enhances concentration and creativity.

If your child shows an interest in dramatics or crafts encourage them to join in some workshop. Most of the big cities provide some such activity for younger children or if you are staying in some small town still you can make it at your home by spending more time with them in their favourite hobbies or if parents can wish, they can take initiative and start something in similar in the school. If they like role play games spend some time with them and play their favourite role plays. For example: my son loves to play with me Teacher and student, where he lead teacher role and I am student and he shares his part of knowledge which is fun to watch and happy to be a part of it. Some hobbies can pursue as career or career backup or just to keep your child always entertained.

Like painting, music, dance, gymnastics, sports, swimming, photography, setting up a terrace garden etc.

2. Simple Toys: Wondering, why I said simple? Well your child will not be a baby always so selection of simple toys which appropriate to your child’s age and physical and mental development.

Tips while selecting Toys:

- Choose toys appropriate to your child’s age.

- Make sure that the toys are safe and not made up of any sharp objects.

- Toys need not to be expensive. As , toys are becoming sophisticated and high tech. It’s obvious from a child to demand if he sees any expensive toy in market or in his friend’s place but make sure u make him understand the usage and can buy something better challenging for him and useful. Do not go for trendy as you toys are also the ways to stimulate your child’s skills. Help them to construct some imaginary surroundings with simple and steady toys.

- Remember noise pollution, so prefer buying those toys which doesn’t make too much noise. As we all know, excessive noise is also not good for health.

3. Television: I’ve seen most of the parents switch on television for more than 5hrs some kids watch and some don’t. Entertain your kids doesn’t mean television not at early age. True , some programmes on sports, travel, music, kids are quite educative. In fact, watching with them some educational programmes may have a positive effect. As per my view, is stick to intelligent rationed viewing for yourself as well as for your child.

4. Computers: Today’s generation is of I Pad, Laptops, and Computers and with all these internet plays a major role in the lives of children. Computers are playing an integral part in school curriculum and extracurricular learning. At times, parents feel pressured too. However, if technology can help, it can hinder too. In today’s world it’s like virtual replacing real. Ensure that your child has a non-virtual social life. Computer.

Make a balanced approach towards daily Life:

- Restrict TV viewing to 1 hour during school days and 2 hours during weekends or holidays.

- When parenting comes, even your channels change. Cooperation should be added from others in a joint family. If it’s not working, then make TV room for others separate. Do not place television on Kids room. Till they grow up it’s advisable to have TV room as common.

- Even if your child wants to watch something, let him watch Discovery, National Geographic, non-violent stuffs. Art attack, Mickey mouse clubhouse are some of the interesting, filled with fun for your kids to watch and learn. Even cartoons have negative impact so keep a watch.

- Encourage your child to develop a hobby. Inculcate the habit of Playing, reading and exercising from his early age say by two or two and half years.

- Be firm about the TV programmes which a child should not see. If he/ she does happen to view such programme, find time to discuss with her the characters and make them understand it’s not real and not healthy for them to watch. As kids, of this age will ask more questions and give them answers correctly but not by fooling them.

- Long hours of work at computer stress a child’s vision. Restrict the use of computer to an hour a day at the most. Ensure a child take five minutes break in every twenty five minutes. Do not keep computer or laptop in child’s bedroom.

Educate him on online practices. Get to know his online friends just as you get to know all his other friends. Give them space at the same time make them understand to respect your given space. Ultimately, computer cannot be a substitute for playing, walking, exercising, running other outdoor activities benefit for your child. Encourage them to play on park or take for a stroll and possible parents should also participate.

- During holidays, ensure your child spare time is well occupied. Take your child for some outing or plan a trip outside your city, nature walks, activity centres, going out for swimming or beaches, making sand castle, playing scrabble at home or become a library member and take them to library. Both boys and girls should be encouraged to learn cooking. Parents can get together and plan share the responsibility of keeping your child busy especially on weekends and on holidays.

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    • Sharda Sriram profile image

      SHARDA 5 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Thats great jpcmc.. Now days you get lots of educational toys and cds ad kids they learn easily in sub concious mind i.e Fun learning with play. Thanks for stopping by.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Great tips. I make sure that my daughter Yna gets a balance of physical and cognitive activities. Of course the emotional care is also there. Even as early as 1 year old, I can see the preferences she has on toys.

    • Sharda Sriram profile image

      SHARDA 6 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Thanks alex, i'm sure ur kids will also enjoy.


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