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Tips to help your children surmount the issue of cyber-bullying

Updated on October 25, 2016

Studies reveal that kids nowadays face the threat of cyber-bullying. As a parent, you must learn how this issue must be handled. Of course, every cyber-bullying situation is different but there are certain general guidelines using which you can report this and also help your child surmount the issue. The following tips may help.

No need to respond

Advise your child to ignore the bullying posts, texts, calls and comments. Though refraining from responding to false and untrue posts may be difficult, children must trust their parents and report such things. This means you should impress upon your child to refrain from responding to such posts but at the same time, not to hide those things from you. Remember, those who indulge in these activities look for reactions and so, ensure that your kids do not give those perverted minded people such sadistic pleasures.

Take print-outs of the posts and keep copies with you

You should have evidence to prove that such cyber-bullying incidents are taking place and that your kids are being affected by them. Therefore, take print-outs of such posts and comments and keep them ready so you can show them as proof of the incidents. Of course, you can delete them after providing the print-outs as proof to the authorities or to the school.

Report about cyber-bullying with your ISP or Internet Service Provider

Forward the copies of the posts to your Internet Service Provider. Even anonymous cyber-bullying should be reported. The police will be able to track and find out even such culprits who cyber-bully anonymously.

Remember, the negative effects of cyber-bullying on your children may be severe. They may be overwhelmed and may develop proneness for being affected by depression or even suicidal tendencies. This means you must certainly make all possible efforts to help them overcome the effects of this problem.

There are experts who can offer appropriate counseling for children who are affected by the onslaught of cyber-bullying. You can seek the help of such experts. Similarly, ensure that your kids are surrounded by friends or relatives who are concerned about their welfare.
Just because your kids are receiving cyber-bullying posts on their mobile phones or computers, you should not take away those devices from them. This step is not the right solution. In fact, by doing so, you will be making them feel secluded. Loneliness and seclusion may exacerbate their feelings. The fact is technology is not the culprit but those who misuse it are the culprits who should really be punished.


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