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Tips for staying safe from criminal activities

Updated on July 31, 2012

Stay Aware

We are all busy and have lives to live. In the midst of the hustle and bustle we need to remember to look around and stay aware of potential robberies and any other criminal activity. One should be aware even when running daily errands.Of course, no one wants to be paranoid, and uneasy all the time; but we have to remember the realities and the real dangers that exist in this world.

Safety Tips when out and about:

1) Park in a well lit area and near the entrance of a place.Keep valuables out of sight.

2) Take someone with you, especially at night time.

3) Keep your car in good condition and full of gas before you hit the highway

4) Never go out with small children (toddlers) in a busy public place without another adult to assist you.

5) Scan your surroundings often,

6) When on vacation, be sure to know exactly were you are going, you do not want to stop on dark, isolated, back roads.

Safety Tips When at Home:

1) Never open the door to a stranger, that you are not expecting

2)Invest in an alarm system or have dogs in the backyard.

3) When heading home make sure no one is following you, if you feel suspicious pass up your house and return once the way is clear.

4) Make sure your yard is well lit.

5) Be friends with a good neighbor on your street, look out for each other's property

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Mistakes Not to Make

Of course you can never be too safe in this world! Crime rates our constantly rising, and uncertainty is a constant reminder that we must all be vigilant. However, we do not want to be so fearful that we become so suspicious of people that we accuse of things because of how they look. Always call on the police when you feel that someone is committing a crime. Avoid confrontations on the road when driving. If someone else has road rage or curses you out, go your way without worry. Be peaceable and do not start fights with strangers. You do not know how far they will go, if an argument starts. When you do go out of town, pack your bags in the garage, or undercover of night so that no one knows what you are doing. When you buy expensive things like a large flat screen TV do not put the box outside, whole for all to see what you bought. Basically do not make yourself a target.


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