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To Be In Their World

Updated on July 13, 2010

A Day in the Life of Mom and Sons

Originally I purchased cell phones to keep up with my sons. We didn't have texting at first. However, when I saw the benefits of texting, and I learned how to text, I was more at ease with the technology. Like everything it has its pros and cons. However, I can actually communicate with my sons more than I used to do. For instance, most of the time I end each message with "I love you". They reply back the same. Sometimes they initiate the "I love you" in their messages. On an average, I engage at least 8 - 12 messages per day with my youngest son, age 17. Sometimes when we have disputes, it's easier for him to write out his feelings. I can relate because I am a writer, communicator. We still have our face to face daily talks as well, but I just feel so much more connected to them, knowing they have a way to open up to me.

The 18 year old son, isn't a communicator. We may communicate via text on an average of about 31 messages in a month. We share the "I love you" with our messages. But he is a little more mature (in some area), and we talk face to face more.

It's nice to be savvy enough to communicate with them via text. I feel that I am a part of their world. During an average day, I text them periodically to see where they are. They keep tabs on me as well.

One might say that we rely too much on texting. I can relate to that also. But in the meantime I will use this form of communication to stay connected to them, until I can settle down and move us to the next platform.

Daily With Friends

My teenage sons are in constant contact with their friends. They rely heavily on their cell phones to text their friends. One of my sons actually told me I could take the voice calls off of his phone. He relies heavily on texting. They are almost in constant conversations with their friends.

At some point we will all need to slow down and appreciate the basics of good old telephone etiquette and texting etiquette as well. We are moving to a society where many people do not actually talk anymore.  We feel that we "don't have time" to fit real conversations in our schedules.  But we must realize that people need to hear a voice from time to time.


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