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Development Dads - To Change, Or Not - Infant

Updated on March 7, 2015

To Change, Or Not

Be A Man About It

My first experience with changing came in the hospital two days after birth. After Joy fed Taylor, a nurse came back in to change her.

I intercepted the nurse at the changing table and told her that I was going to do it. For the first few moments, the nurse looked at me as if I was the most incompetent person on earth. She was quite reluctant to relinquish my child. I soon convinced her with my most serious expression and these words, “I am going to be changing my baby until she is potty trained. – For the next week, I am going to keep Joy in bed until she heals completely; therefore, I am going to do everything for my baby except breast feed. – Now show me how to do this right and then show me how to fold and wrap her up in her blanket”.

From that point on, the nurse and I got along famously. I even noticed that other nurses smiled at me and approached me with favorable comments for the next few days. There it is again, gentlemen, our forefathers setting a stigmatic precedent.

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