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To Have a Bedroom

Updated on January 13, 2017

I did share a room as a child, but it was a good size and I chose the bed in the far corner close to the windows. I loved my room, it was my place to go and be alone, to dream and wonder and talk on the phone and read.. Everyone has a bedroom to find a bit of privacy or peace and quiet in the day.

When we marry we share our bedroom again, as we may have as a child, but this time with a lover. It becomes a romantic retreat, a place of confidence or passion, the place we steal away to revert back to a fetal position and recuperate our energy. The world around is a distant memory in the comfort of a bedroom.

For the last 4yrs I've had my bedroom sanctuary stolen from me. I know there will be some who read this and wholeheartedly disagree. But this is how I feel. I brought my daughter home from the hospital and into our one bedroom apt. We had decorated her corner of the room in beautiful lavender and white with a screen to give some separation. It was nice to have her there that first year since she was so little and I was nursing at night. But by then we really wanted to sell this apt and move into a bigger space. I so wanted to give her a proper little girl room and have a room all to myself, that I didn't have to tip toe around after her bedtime.

However at the time we wanted to sell, the mkt had crashed and no one was buying. We got used to sharing the room, it was to say the least, inconvenient in many ways, morning and night. Though I am sure she did not realize it. At long last in 2012 we finally sold and found a two bedroom to move into, though it was not ready. We had to move into a temporary place. At short notice all we could find was another one bedroom, albeit larger. So we gave her the room and decided we would sleep in the living room, since it was only to be a few short months.

I was very happy to give her the room for herself and all her toys. At least we didn't have to be quiet at night. But sleeping in the living room was less than ideal. When my husband got ready for work it was very noisy, the glare of the tv lights, even turned off, the noise of the street, sound of the kitchen appliances etc etc.

The condo was delayed and we ended up living in that situation for 15 months!!! When we finally moved into a two bedroom, elated is not even close to what I was feeling. We set up our bed in our room, put on clean sheets and closed the door. I was laying there the next morning after my first good night sleep in months and thought- ' A bedroom", what a novel idea, So simple yet so important, I am grateful. I breathed a sigh of contentment, to be lying in this big bed in this quiet room in just this most perfect moment of peace.


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