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BERMUDA,BHUTAN,Singapore - No Visa.

Updated on February 24, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

What if there was no VISA. Only Passport.

We can't stay as long as we want in any other Country.
We can't stay as long as we want in any other Country.

What is Pass Port

I say a Passport means you can pass through a Port may be a Ship port, when traveling to far off places over Sea it was only by Ship.Now they call Air Port as no one travels far away places by ships but by Air through Jet planes.

The fastest train on earth may be in Japan,but in India travel on earth is a night mare.The Best trains are burnt just for the drop of a Cap or Some Shawl or Towel by our political bosses or even before its dropped.A hot spot for interesting advertisement in the corner of Bombay on Marine Drive shows an advertisement like this:-

We Have Changed - Fly Jet Airway's.

We Made Them Change - Fly King Fisher Air Lines.[ Over that Board]

We are still the Best - Jet Airway's.

Now Stop it - We never Change - Indian Railway's.

It looks very funny with previous Railway Minister wearing the uniform of a Railway Guard.That's in short on rail travel.Anything said about the Road is much worse whether it is City Roads or State High Way's or National High way's.There is a Joke that the Road to progress is always under construction. When a good road was broken and re made a question was asked as to why they are doing this in a rural India.The answer was that the people mostly farmers had to be given jobs as there were no rains and Duskal ( Famine ) had come.It was Govt plan was the reply.

This is about Passport not anything else.So if you have a Passport can you go any where.Yes but you need a VISA not the credit card VISA but a page in your passport laminated giving you permission to visit that country. I know only about USA and the Wonder Land SINGAPORE,its easy in Singapore than USA where even with a VISA you have no guarantee that you will enter the country.You will be lucky if you are to meet a African American as they are more good than those Americans,even a Mysore Sandle Soap is a Mango for them.How many types of VISA they have,even at the consolate the local people employed are corrupt.They take money through Photographers and Couriers,a must for a VISA.

What is this VISA,





Actual meaning not available.OK we will know it shortly.but why are we asked questions which we are supposed to answer as simply as we should.When they ask our name they can't write it.They suspect our food,if it's Chilly powder its Dope.If it's a Herbal Powder to move your Bowl it is thrown away but its vailable in any Gujarati Indian Shop.You enter a shop,some one comming out will hold the door or vice versa.You are supposed to say Thank you and throw a smile.If you do it in India your wife will throw you out.If you stand in front of a house admiring its beauty you will be facing a 6 footer heavly dressed and armed police man in just 3 minutes flat with Siran blowing musically a standard sound for police any where in USA unlike INDIA whistle instead of a Siran.

This VISA we know its given in Channi,perhaps Americans Love Tamil Films.For other countries we have to go to Delhi.?

There is one State in India which does not need a VISA to go to another country and that's CHINA.The State being ARUNACHAL.The name Arunachal is no Chinese name but that border Twong is Tibetian not Chinese.

Any way VISA is a problem,PASSPORT is Peanuts.


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