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To my mum: Why did you love me?

Updated on September 17, 2016
Davorunner profile image

I love to write, I have been writing and journaling since I was very young, and I especially enjoy short stories, parodies and poetry.

To my mum:

I just have one important question for you:

Why did you love me? Why did you love me like you do?

When everyone else belittled, berated, and criticized my worth.

Your love made me feel like the most important one on Earth.

Your love made me believe that I could do impossible things

Be what I want to be, achieve all my dreams.

Why did you do go and this to me?

You believed that I could love and find love too

Even when I was bitter and sealed from the wounds.

When I had no hope and no place to belong

You insisted that I was the one that was strong.

So I got up and kept going, to find my own way

I wanted to live and to somehow be great.

I didn’t understand what could happen when loved so deeply

I didn’t know what would eventually happen to me.

You made me think that I was worth protecting

To be careful with who I should connect with.

But your love got me comparing others to you

Why did you love me like you do?

I couldn’t do or achieve impossible tasks

These things were just too much to ask.

I’m sorry but I couldn’t achieve all my dreams,

Especially when they were a bit too extreme.

But I found some real good friends, a place where I could be me.

Some people that can see in me the things that you see.

I found that I could live and flourish and grow

If given the chance for love and acceptance to flow.

As that love secretly grew and quietly bloomed

I found a loving and nurturing crew

And I was able to love others too

I saw their lives change and become just like new,

And live life like they were born to do.

And for all that mum I must say “thank you”.

Through all my experiences in my journey

I think now I can see a bit more clearly

One of the reasons that you love me.

Motivational Love.
Motivational Love. | Source

Finding love in a 'hopeless' world.


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