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Families who has forgotten how to be parents

Updated on July 7, 2014

There are so many dysfunctional families,who really don't understand the concept of being good parents and raising children . Early marriages, having children, the economic, mental and physical abuse could lead to the destruction of the ''Family''.

Most families don't take time out of their busy schedule to spend time with the family, because of their own needs. To day families are more diverse and the structure of children are more flux because of the leeway families and the system have given our children.

There are Parents who cater to their children without teaching them the true meaning of a family. Parents are no longer role models for their own children. The baseball player, the football player or anyone with money are trying to teach their children right from wrong.

Families in the old days yesterday parents was people who believed in raising ther children with respect, manners without help from the system.

Some children are over barring and expecting their parents to cater to their needs. In today's society some parents live in fear because of the unruly be their own children. Parents fuss and fight in front of their children not thinking about the effect it might have on the child.

Back in the day the family unit was one of the most important function in society. It is a true fact that children has forgotten what a family really is.

The family structure start with having children raising and teaching them dignity respect and valves.

It took a village to raise yesterday child, which included grandparents,teachers, minsters family members and the neighborhoods without the role of the system. Never underrate the meaning and understanding of today's child. .


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