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Discount Toddler Bed Sheet Sets

Updated on January 26, 2014

PJ's and Matching Bed Sheets for Christmas Present?

While browsing Amazon for my article on Childrens Toys I came across something I thought might make my little Nephew happy this Christmas. I'm an admitted Internet Shopper - I buy nearly everything online. I want to give my Nephew something he'll remember all year. There was a picture on Amazon of a toddler in Thomas Train Pajamas. I thought it might be fun to try and find a matching set of bed sheets to go along with them. My Nephew is pretty much invested in Thomas Train. Amazon of course has an entire Bedding Department called “Toddler Bedding”. So I thought this should be pretty easy right?

What I normally like about Amazon is the user reviews where people rate the products based on their own experiences. I believe this feature is what has really driven their success. So I type in “Thomas Train” in the Toddler Bedding category and BAM there it is – Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas 4 piece Toddler Bed Set. So now I get to be the one to give him the PJ’s and the Sheets and then he’ll think of me every day! Uncle Mike Big winner at Christmas this year! Unfortunately no one has rated these sheets yet. And the disappointing news was about to arrive… choo choo choose better sheets!

For myself I’m sold on Egyptian Cotton 400+ Thread Count Sateen Weave. But I’m not sure my little nephew will care that much about the thread count. The $39.95 set is 65/35 Poly Cotton with no mention of a thread count. The $99 set is 70/30 Poly Cotton and lists the Thread Count as 120 threads per inch. 120 yikes there is probably sandpaper with a smoother finish! Big oops… slam on the breaks. Apparently these companies are selling the pictures of Thomas Train and not the product. That’s sad that they can’t make a quality product and include the logo and trademarked images.

So off I go to search the Web again for better sheets. Now Amazon carries some excellent toddler sheet sets, in fact for only $32 I can buy !00% cotton sateen 300 threads per inch sheets at, but not with the Thomas Train design. And this is Christmas Shopping so I want to have my cake and eat it too! I’m not the person that gives low quality gifts. I put a lot of thought and effort into what I give. That’s just who I am.

Off to Bed Bath and Beyond I went… online of course. Now that Linens and Things has closed up shop there are not a lot of alternatives. I looked at JC Penney and they didn’t have anything to offer better than Amazon. I found other sites with Thomas Train Sheets but they were exactly the same as those offered by Amazon. I guess I just don’t know enough about kids bedding to make a good purchase. So it’s going to be something else Thomas… perhaps a cool beach towel?

It’s a good thing that Toddlers are not more educated consumers because a lot of the sheet sets they are trying to pass off on them are of poor quality. Seriously what’s with all the polyester blends? Cotton breathes!

What’s your experience with Childrens logo trademarked products? Is it really all fluff and no substance? I found some decent Disney Logo Toddler Bed Sheet Sets, but he’s just not the much of a Disney Kid and I’ve got to respect him for that right? That would be like giving a Green Bay Packers fan a Minnesota Vikings jacket. Not cool!

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Thomas Tank Engine Bedding

Thomas Train Brand Bedding for Toddlers
Thomas Train Brand Bedding for Toddlers


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