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Tomy Baby Carrier Review

Updated on July 22, 2010

The Tomy baby carrier is one of the most popular brands of infant carrier in the United Kingdom. The Tomy Freestyle baby carrier is easy to put on and take off and provides full support to the mother’s back, preventing back ache and strain. The baby is also fully supported facing either inwards or outwards and will feel safe and secure in the carrier so you can go about your day to day business with your hands free. Your baby will be happy to be close to you and you can always be sure they are safe whether you are out shopping or just doing chores around the house.

Studies have shown that carrying your baby in a baby pouch or carrier is preferable to using a stroller or pram as it helps babies to feel secure and can reduce crying, improve sleep and bonding between mother and baby. Using baby slings carriers is also a much easier way to transport your baby than using a stroller – you do not have to worry about fitting a bulky travel system into your car or on public transport and you can walk around easily without having to push the stroller everywhere you go.

Tomy Baby Carrier
Tomy Baby Carrier

Features of the Tomy Baby Carrier

Tomy Baby Carriers have two carrying positions, allowing your baby to face towards you or out towards the world, which is great for babies when they start to show more interest in their surroundings. It is fully adjustable to allow for the growth of your baby and features easy to use clips that make it a breeze to put on and adjust. The baby carrier is designed to distribute the weight of the baby evenly so you do not have excessive strain on your shoulders or joints and is comfortable to be used for long periods at one time. The carrier fully supports the back and bottom of your baby and there is a removable baby pouch so you can easily take your baby out of the carrier without waking him up. Made from 100% cotton, your baby is sure to enjoy the soft feel against his skin and it is also machine washable.

Types of Tomy Baby Carrier

There are different models of infant carriers by Tomy including the Tomy Freestyle Premier baby carrier, the Tomy Freestyle Classic baby carrier, the Tomy Freestyle All Seasons baby carrier and the Tomy Freestyle Detachable baby carrier.  All the models are suitable from birth to up to around 12 months old and have different features so you can choose the model that fits best with your lifestyle.

For example the Premier Tomy baby carrier has increased padding in the strap and harness for increased comfort and also includes a baby head hugger which is great for newborns who cannot support their own heads. The All Seasons version is made from special fabric which keeps you and baby cool when the weather is hot and has a separate weather cover that protects your baby from rain or cold weather. This multipurpose baby carrier is great for use in wind, sun, rain or cold and is great for parents who like to get out and about with their babies.

One of the leading experts in chiropractics has stated that this is the best baby carrier for preventing muscle and joint strain as it spreads the load evenly which is particularly important for women who have just given birth and are suffering from tiredness and strain on their bodies.

Tomy baby carriers can be bought from several specialist baby stores online and from larger stores such as Amazon. The carriers’ retail price varies from £25 for the classic carrier to £55 for the Tomy All Seasons Freestyle baby carrier. You can sometimes find Tomy baby carriers second hand on Ebay or other auction and classifieds sites for a reduced price. You can also buy directly from the Tomy baby website.


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