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Toothbrush Tales - How To Make Teeth Brushing FUN For Kids

Updated on January 15, 2014

Mama's Breakthrough

As a Mom of 5 kids, I am obviously busy and welcome any breakthroughs in my parenting that will simplify daily tasks.

(Daily Teeth-brushing) My kids, my story: Oh my goodness, this can be a stressful time with young ones, because some of these little people don't value cavity-free, clean mouths like we do. All of mine were frustrating at times when it came time to brush teeth. I'd take them to the dentist and the truth came out every-time whether they brushed consistent enough or not.

Number 4 and a fun idea: After number one being a girl, I had two boys, then came number four. Like my previous she didn't always like tooth brushing time either. I've always put humor in my child-rearing, some parents are like Sargent's, but I'm a mixture of fun-loving (sometimes)high-strung, laid back and firm law; which sometimes just makes me a silly mommy.

I started telling my little girl she needed to brush the bacteria bugs off her teeth, that they were going to make her teeth ugly if she didn't. She was so captivated, I begin to add more color and drama to the warning; she started laughing and enjoying what I'd say,like she couldn't wait for what I'd say next.

One fresh, clean, smiley, tale :) My simple little, playful cavity warnings turned into tales and soon she asked for them about every-time she brushed and sometimes she would beg me to tell her more.

BAD experience at the dentist: My oldest daughter was a spunky little girl, she had an under-bite that required early intervention. With our insurance we used a pediatric dentistry. My daughter did not like it there at all when she had previous work done,the dentist was grouchy (at times) and crude in how he talked to children, when he thought they were not brushing well enough. I didn't mind too much at first, because she deserved a little correction to keep her brushing good. I wasn't fond of the dentists attitude though.

At 8 years old they started upper braces to work on the under-bite. All my girl did, "seriously" was shed a few tears while they tightened her braces, the dentist blew up and slapped her on the face (not real hard, but enough to be very wrong). He screamed at her and told her to quit crying like a baby. To shorten my story, I felt like mother bear ---"Not right, not our dentist ANYMORE!"

They have a wonderful dentist now :)

Dentists usually recommend kids to brush a minute and a half on both top and bottom teeth; so three minutes allow time for a fun, short story.

I told her stories that metaphorically encouraged tooth-brushing in a way that made her excited about keeping all that yucky stuff off her teeth. One time we acted like the tooth brush was the prince; he had to kill the ugly dragon that was on her teeth that caused dragon breath, and rescue the beautiful princess-where she could smile pretty again---She loved that!

I just keep making up stories off the wall and the funny thing is; her siblings will join in and listen, her dad has even perked up to my crazy tale. Its funny, they've said, "Mom, where did you hear that story? or What happened?---Tell us more!"

Kids love time (Your time), memories are made, tasks are not-so-dreaded and kids (parents too) have fun.

What used to require (for smaller children) a dentist recommended hold, (while they squalled and squirmed), now just involves, little brushing instruction, and allot of silly tooth brush fairy tales :)

I have a baby boy now that makes us number five. As the little caboose to our family train; I'm sure even his big brothers and sisters will enjoy carrying on the tooth brush tale tradition when he gets older. :)

Create A Character

Note: You can create your own unique character your kids can get to know and love when you tell your daily tooth brush tales.

You can even buy or make a stuffed animal or doll that can be the visual connection for your character. If the child is small he/she may enjoy acting like they are brushing their buddy's teeth too after their own is brushed.

Hands on and visuals create emotional connections to something they normally dread. This works in all developmental training :)

Sing Funny Songs Too


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    • singingmommy profile image

      Candace Green 3 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Awe, you're sweet, thanks :)

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 4 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Delightful. I wish you were my mommy.