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Top 10 Best Baby Girl Names

Updated on May 12, 2014

A name can be a gift or a curse. Having a great name was not a big issue a few years back, but in our competitive world today, it definitely is. This is true not just when we are talking about career but in terms of love and relationships as well. People with attractive names usually have more friends and are likely to have a healthy love life. So before you sign that paper finalizing your newly born daughters’ name, think twice. Or better yet, think a hundred times.

This event is life changing for her and you will need to hold the responsibility in making it certain that your daughters’ name will help her achieve her goals in life and not turn into one of her greatest struggles. It’s definitely not easy. This is why majority of parents would simply turn onto common names like Christine, Josephine, Claire, Angeline, and the list goes on. I’m not saying that these names should never be considered but would it be better if your daughters’ name has a little twist in it? Would it be nice if one day your daughter will thank you for giving her such a lovely name while telling stories of how it helped her standout and be successful?

To give you some great ideas, here is a list of the Top 10 Best Baby Girl Names. Of course this list if far from being perfect. It’s not based on any kind of survey or whatsoever since I simply picked them out based on their origin and meaning. If you think some names should be included in this list, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section. Thanks and enjoy reading!

Famous personality associated with name:

Stella Nox Fleuret

Meaning: Star

Babies are undeniably star-like. They are gifts from heaven that can shed light to any hopeless and dim family. The sole smile of your wonderful daughter can easily take away your worries and mend tired muscles after a long day of work. Stars not only bring light but also heat. Your daughters’ hug can be warm enough to help you survive cold nights. Her laughter can echo all over your home filling it with love and joy. Sadly, some only think of babies as an added responsibility, a burden. Though taking care of them is truly painstaking and tedious, what we often fail to count is the incomparable sense of happiness and contentment they can share to us.

Famous personality associated with name:

Eleni Daniilidou

Meaning: Light

From: Elena or Helen

This name is perfect for babies who are born when almost everything seem to be wrong in their parents’ lives. At first, the baby maybe considered as another burden but in the end the people around her will eventually realize that it’s the opposite. A baby can be a new source of light to a family. She can become the new source of strength for her father to work hard every day, her mother to wake up early and make sure she is well fed and taken care of, and her siblings to protect her from any harm. With the introduction of these new common goals, it’s likely for any once broken family to reunite and eventually create a new home for the new member.

Famous personality associated with name:

Princess Jasmine

Meaning: Jasmine flower

Alternate spellings: Jazmine, Jazmyn, Jasmyn, Jazmyne

Flowers represent beauty and joy. This is why giving your daughter a name which represent any pretty flower is definitely not a bad idea. Rose is good but it’s a bit common. Jasmine on the other hand sounds more elegant and carries a sense of mystery. This flower is also a symbol of purity and honesty which are traits any parent would want their daughter to have. With the right amount of love, respect, and discipline, your baby daughter in time will surely bloom into a wonderful jasmine, envied by many.

Famous personality associated with name:

Olivia Borlee

Meaning: Elf army

Are you not a fan of overly sweet names? Do you want your daughter to be strong-willed, focused, and hard-working? There’s no better way to start your quest than to give her a name that depicts these ideas. Olivia means the elf army, which is featured in many books and movies, as soldiers of the just. They are willing to lay their life in order to save the world from the dark forces and maintain peace. It may sound weird but for fathers who are huge fans of fantasy books or games, Olivia is the best choice.

Famous personality associated with name:

Eliana Bezerra

Meaning: God has answered.

Have you prayed and hoped for several years for you to be blessed with a baby? Were you at the brick of losing hope when God finally answered your prayers? If this is the case, consider naming your baby daughter Eliana. Conceiving is never easy in some cases. Some couples are either too old or physically challenged to bear one. This is where depression and hopelessness usually enters. And when the couple eventually made a baby despite the long wait and endless tries, the happiness and satisfaction felt are overwhelming. Your baby daughter will transform your life and become a living proof that God truly answers prayers.

Famous personality associated with name:

Alyssa Milano

Meaning: great joy, kind

Alternate spellings: Alysa, Allyssa

The moment your baby daughter is welcomed into our world, a new chapter in your life starts. She will be your new source of joy. This is why naming her Alyssa is worth thinking about. Baby daughters are often sweet, honest, and kind. They easily smile and laugh to silly faces, funny dances, and weird baby talks. She will transform your once boring life into a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs. There may be some times when you’ll think of giving up but in the end, the joy and love she effortlessly brings to the whole family will make all the sacrifices and hardships worthwhile.

Famous personality associated with name:

Gabriella Montez

Meaning: Feminine form of Gabriel: God is my strength.

Are you searching for a name which depicts strength and responsibility? Gabriella might actually end your search. Aside from having the sexy impression, this name is a perfect fit for women who can stand on their own and won’t think of backing down on any challenge. Despite how you love your daughter, you have no option but to set her free someday. She must learn to stand up on her own while experiencing the wonders of life firsthand. It would be nice if her name can serve as a constant reminder that she is more than ready to face any challenge and that God is always there to give her the small push she needs.

Famous personality associated with name:

Scarlett Johansson

Meaning: Red

Other spellings: Scarlet, Scarlette

Is your favorite color red? Is this color very significant to you and your partner? If yes, you should consider naming your baby daughter Scarlett. This name is synonymous to red which as we all know also means love and courage. These traits should go hand in hand in order to create a lasting relationship. It would be nice if you can teach your baby daughter the meaning of love and courage someday by referencing her name. She will definitely love the fact that her name symbolizes the two things that kept the whole family altogether through thick and thin.

Famous personality associated with name:

Isabelle Fuhrman

Meaning: Pledge to God

French Variation: Isabel

Happy memories will surely pile up once a baby daughter is introduced to a family. She will become the family’s source of joy and inspiration. However, it’s not just about having fun. With a new family member around, it requires a dedication and a lot of hard work to make sure all her needs will be given. This is the point where the baby will become the family’s oath to God. An oath that they will continue to nourish and protect the gift He has given to them. An oath that they will mold her to become a productive, responsible, and God-fearing individual.

Famous personality associated with name:

Zooey Deschanel

Meaning:This is a variant of Zoe, a Greek name. It means life which is basically what babies represent.

A baby is not just a start of a new life but a beginning for the whole family. Your family might be into a lot of issues lately, but everyone should be stronger and be ready for the new member. The coming of the baby can serve as a starting point for the family to live a life of happiness and contentment. She will be the new light, new hope, and new life of the family. A hippy and meaningful name like Zooey is definitely a great choice for the angel who changed everybody’s life and directed the whole family closer to what they once just dreamed about.

A collection of nursery rhymes for your baby girl!

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    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Davao City

      Glad you like them vkwok. Have a great day!

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      Those certainly are good names to consider.


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