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Top 10 New Mom Must Haves

Updated on June 2, 2014

Must Haves Baby Items for New Moms

Being a mom is the most pleasant and rewarding experience in a woman’s life. It is important for the new moms to be well-prepared to welcome and foster their new babies. There are must have items to welcome and foster your baby if you are a new mom. You should buy some of these new mom must have items before you give birth to a baby. Other important items can be bought at different times after the baby is born. Here is top 10 new mom must haves for you to consider:

Baby Girl with Parents


Top 10 New Mom Must Haves

A Swing

It is one of the most useful new mom must haves items to keep your baby occupied while you need to do a lot of household work. A swing with all those flashing lights, hook-ups for MP3 players, and self-rocking mechanisms will help you do loads of things, such as getting a load of laundry, going to the bathroom, making a phone call, and more while making your baby fall asleep. You will not have to push your baby back and forward in the mid-night as the swing will do the job.

A Stroller

Strollers are essential items for new moms. You can have one light stroller with easily collapsible umbrella that you can push around easily everywhere you usually go. A lightweight stroller will save your back. Buy one heavy stroller when you need to carry more stuff.

A Car Seat and a Stroller

A car seat and a stroller is a must have item if you are travelling around town quite often. Make sure to get the travel system. You will be able to slide the car seat out of its base easily without waking your sleeping baby when using a car seat and a stroller

Teething Toys

Give your baby the giraffe teether, or more specifically Sophie to make the baby’s teething pain go away when your baby will behaving her first teeth. The baby will love Sophie as it is easy to chew on.

A Diaper Bag

There are different types pf diaper bags for new babies. Get an all-purpose diaper bag with a lot of pocket space and that easily attaches to your stroller.

A Baby Carrier

Buy a good baby carrier that has easily adjustable straps to rest on your shoulders and hips. It will be comfortable to wear as you can distribute the weight evenly, saving your back some pain as well.

A Breastfeeding Pillow

Get a quality nursing or breastfeeding pillow that is easy to carry around and compact. It is lot easier and comfortable to breastfeed your baby using a good nursing pillow.

A Breast Pump

If you are a working mom or someone who is always on-the-go, then a reliable breast pump is a new mom must have baby item. Get one that is durable and sturdy.

Baby Nighties

Baby nighties will make the diaper change easier and quicker and will not wake up your baby while you are doing the diaper change. So use a good and comfortable baby nightie when you change your baby’s diaper.

A High Chair

Well, it is actually convenient if you have a high chair for your baby. It is not difficult to carry around as you can store it in the bacl of your car. Your baby will enjoy the time while you are eating at restaurants. You can easily fix a high chair onto the side of any table.

Bottom Line

So, there you have the top 10 new mom must haves items. These top 10 baby items will make your, and your baby’s life easier and comfortable. You should shop around to find quality products and the best bargains.


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