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Top 10 Safety Tips for Best Jogging Stroller

Updated on November 23, 2015

Safety Tips for the Best Jogging Stroller

It may seem like a no-brainer to use a stroller but every day there are accidents and injuries that occur, especially when opening and closing the stroller. Falls cause the vast majority of stroller injuries. Let’s look at the best jogging stroller safety tips caused by some common mistakes and how to avoid them so you can safely take baby for adventures.

Get the Right Stroller Type for Your Stroller’s Safety

First, you need to choose the best jogging stroller for your child's safety. Umbrella strollers are usually geared to older children who can sit up and most won’t accommodate attaching an infant car seat. As an alternative, some of the newer lightweight strollers do recline to carry an infant, or can accommodate a car seat. There is one umbrella stroller on the market that does fully recline and it also includes a “boot enclosure” that prevents baby from slipping through. A more expensive model has four reclining positions including fully flat so it is good for young infants.

Walk, Don’t Run

It’s understandable if you want to get back out and restart your fitness routine. Keep in mind, however, that unless a stroller will let you attach an infant car seat, most jogging and all-terrain strollers are inappropriate for babies under 6 months of age. Even if you do find one that allows for mounting a car seat, we don’t recommend running with a stroller until the child is more than a year old. She needs to have full control of her head and neck in case of an accident or fall at running speeds. Check with the manufacturer: all-terrain strollers mustn’t be used for jogging unless recommended by the owner’s manual.

Some manufacturers may assure you that running with babies as young as a few months is safe, but our medical consultants disagree. They worry about the jostling a baby experiences while riding in a jogging stroller, as well as the risk of a fall.

Of course you want to err on the side of keeping your precious bundle safe. If no one is home to watch him while you go out for a fun, think about hiring a babysitter for half an hour. If that’s not an option, wait until baby is over a year old to take her out in a jogging stroller, and make sure she is strapped in with a 5-point harness.

Also keep in mind that strollers in store displays might be mislabeled. It’s not unheard of for a store to market a stroller model as a “jogging stroller” when it’s just a regular walking stroller. Always check out the owner’s manual before you commit to a best jogging stroller if you plan to run with your baby when he’s older.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t be in a hurry to use the jogging strollers. Read the owner’s manual and practice with all the features before taking your baby out in her new wheels. Learn how to move the backrest into its various recline positions, if the stroller features reclining seats. Keep in mind that when baby is in the stroller, it will be easier to lower the seats than to raise them. Make sure all the buckles and straps are secure and fasten properly. Try attaching the car seat a few times, if it is that type of stroller. Take the stroller for a short jaunt around the house, empty, before putting your baby in it.

Needs Regular Checking

The best jogging stroller needs to be checked for wear and tear on a regular basis. Look for sharp edges that might have become exposed as fabric frays away. The manufacturer’s manual may have tips for maintaining the jogging stroller in best condition.

Use Caution When Opening and Closing

You are accustomed to listening for a reassuring “click” when you lock the door to your house or when you fasten your seat belt. This is a good practice when you open your child’s stroller as well. Some strollers require a good bit of force to lock in the open position. If the stroller isn’t fully open, a sibling’s fingers could be badly pinched, or the stroller could collapse with baby inside.

Buckle up Every Time for Your Stroller’s Safety

You fasten your child safely in her car seat every time you take her in the car, of course: get in the habit of always using the restraint system in her jogging stroller as well. Use the restraints even if she is asleep. Find a stroller with a five-point over the shoulder restraint system because toddlers can be determined and can slip out of a three-point harness. You don’t want a bumpy sidewalk or an awkward transition over a curb to result in your baby hitting his face on the stroller.

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Navigating Stairs and Escalators

Never take your baby in a stroller onto an escalator. If there is an elevator or ramp available, use them. Otherwise, if you have no other choice, ask another adult to help you. One person should hold the bottom of the stroller and the other hold the top, off of the treads of the escalator.

Also avoid taking the jogging strollers on staircases with baby in it. If stairs are your only option, hold your baby, collapse the stroller and carry it. You may be able to find another person to carry the stroller for you. Many staircase accidents have occurred. They can be serious and even fatal.

Wheels and Alignment

Loose and misaligned wheels seem to be a chronic problem with some stroller models. If all four wheels uniformly touch the ground when baby is in the stroller, that’s a sign of solid construction. With some jogging strollers, you can remove and replace individual wheels but this is not true for all strollers. Don’t use the stroller if a wheel seems loose. Look into the problem and see if you can tighten the fasteners before using your best jogging stroller.

Don’t Fail To Use the Brake for the Safety of Your Stroller

It’s easy for a best jogging stroller to start rolling away from you – a slight jostle or incline is all it takes. Always lock the brake when you need to take your hands off the stroller, even if it’s only for a few seconds. Be diligent about brake use on or near buses or trains.

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Don’t Hang Anything on the Handlebars

It’s tempting to hang a diaper bag or shopping bag over the stroller’s handles, but doing this risk tipping the stroller backward with baby inside for your stroller’s safety. Always use the under the stroller basket. If you know you will need ample storage, look for a best jogging stroller with a large open basket beneath the seat. Adding clips to your stroller’s handlebars can upset the stroller’s balance and result in a spill for baby. Don’t use any stroller accessories that aren’t recommended or made by the manufacturer of the stroller.

If you anticipate carrying more cargo than can be accommodated by the stroller, invest in a light backpack – worn on your back, not hanging from the handlebars. You can also use a reusable shopping bag for such trips, and wear the bag on your shoulder. A roomy backpack-style diaper bag is a great way to carry baby gear as well as purchases or other items you need. These safety tips are actually very essential for the safety of your best jogging strollers.

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