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Top 10 Things To Do With Your 13 Year Old Over The Summer

Updated on May 19, 2008

Two weeks and counting until my 7th grader enters summer vacation. When she was younger, we planned our days between morning swim team practices and afternoon summer camps.

But what do you do with a 13 year old? She's too young to work; too old for most summer camps. While she is in a couple of sports camps, how can I keep her busy while I try to squeeze in a few hours of work each day?

We've got it all planned out.

1. Catch up on reading. My daughter loves books, and has accumulated a number of novels over the past year that she just couldn't squeeze in between homework assignments. We've already created a stack of must-reads that she'll be starting on soon.

2. Volunteer at the library. Our local library has a kids program that rewards summer readers. They look for teen volunteers to help run the program, so she'll be hanging out at the library a few times this summer.

3. Convert her playroom into a library/study room. She's actually very excited about this. She'll be sorting through things and deciding which toys/games to donate or sell at a yard sale and which to keep. She's also going to be painting the room in her favorite colors, and finding shelves, desks and possibly a couch to give it a comfortable feel. I'll be teaching her how to use and to find good deals on furnishings.

4. Start a blog. Like every 13 year old, she's been asking for ways to earn extra money. So why not teach her how to blog? I'll be setting her up with a blog, and teaching her how to blog. Then we can compare our blogs - and maybe even learn from each other.

5. Plan out day trips. We have a heavy travel schedule in the fall, so we're not planning a large vacation this summer. But living in the Rocky Mountains means we have amazing places just a short drive away. She'll be planning out some fun places to visit just a short drive from our home.

6. Hangin' out. She is 13 after all - what could be more fun than hanging out with friends? A day at the pool, a movie or two, or even a sleepover with her favorite friends is at the top of the list. Sometimes hanging out can be difficult with all of the extra activities during the school year - so we're putting them on the calendar already.

7. Writing. Writing is a big part of my daughter's life, and she hopes to be an author some day. So why not start now? She loves being online, so I'll have her create a few articles that interest her, and teach her how to share with the online world. Hubpages, here she comes.

8. Learn a new sport. Gold - tennis - softball - swimming. There are so many choices. The great thing about summer is you can head outside and try your hand at anything. I've always wanted to kayak - maybe we'll both give it a try this year.

9. Sleep in. Yep, just like hanging out, sleeping in is big on her list. So if I'm up at 5, and she sleeps til 10, I guess I can have almost a full days work in before she's ready to go for the day.

10. Get ready for the new school year. I know the new school year will be here before we know it. There's school supplies to buy, clothes to shop for, locker accessories to buy. So much to do; so little time.

Summer, here we come!


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    • profile image

      anon 3 years ago

      "P.P.S. teens r naturally rude so, DEAL WITH IT AND DON'T TELL US WE R RUDE, WE KNOW."

      ~Your parents should have whooped your ass more.

    • profile image

      Mandy 3 years ago

      To all of the 13 year olds that do not like this list, instead of simply putting it down, add realistic things that parents can do with their kids in the comments. That would be way more helpful then simply saying, this sucks. Please keep in mind, most parents can not just take their kids to the mall everyday. Were looking for ideas that can be done on a whim and relatively inexpensively.

      I thought the list was pretty good though and stole a few ideas. I'm creating a "chore" list on but including some extra curricular activities for her to add coins as well :D I'm a work at home Mom and she's clueless what to do with herself... unfortunately, I can't stop working and tell her what to do like my Mom did when i was a kid :p

    • profile image

      Lateeda 4 years ago

      Cool list dude

    • profile image

      death master 5 years ago

      Seriously why would you go ahead and do these things. I mean your daugther is thirteen, not a girl which has just turned 8 and has nothing to do. Think of things they can do so they enjoy themselves. Not stuff where they do it for your so called satisfaction. I am personaly a thiteen old girl myself and i think that you have not realized your sisters age. If i was your daughter i would suicide the second i heard the list.

    • profile image

      marlypop01 5 years ago

      I think that the sleeping in part, decorating room part, the hanging out wid friends part and the startin a blog part r good ideas. I mean most of the people who r commenting r 13 like me already do dat stuff so its alrite. But y not add havin a BBQ wid ur friends on ur list?! Most teens LUV parties and/or BBQs! I no dat i do! This summer Im havin a party for goin in2 highskol den im goin 2 my friends random parties! Also no offence but most parents wont cut the leash between demselves and der kids and dats not a good ding! We need our freedom!! That is my opinion but im srry if i hurt ur feelins!

    • profile image

      frederick wanker 5 years ago

      dudes grow up and i don't know if offence is spelt different in america or something but i live in london and i am 5 and even i know how to spell offence!!!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Let me start by saying I am 13 also. I realize that this was 4 years ago, but some of the comments are so rude!! If you don't like her ideas, keep it to yourself. I'm glad she spent time with her daughter, and I'd love it if my mom spent that kind of time with me. Believe it or not, some 13 year olds don't see their friends every single day of the summer, and some 13 year olds enjoy reading and writing!

      Sheesh, did no one ever teach you the saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it"?


    • profile image

      Livie 5 years ago

      Honestly People, how rude can you get?

      I love to read and write, I visit the library probably once a day? I like to help out anywhere, and I'd love to decorate a room!

      I slightly agree with some of the haters, you do need to hang out with some of your friends, but not all the time 24/7!! I only hung out with my besties over the summer, and even then I only saw them five times!

      I really love my mum, but she is always to busy. I'd love to spend more time with her!

      I really think the haters are just being idiots. This is an interesting list!



    • profile image

      aswin 5 years ago

      this is totally useless i hate activities and i don t have time for this kind of stupid things

    • profile image

      Ana 5 years ago

      Okay, I'm gonna say this one more time because i simply cannot stop talking, even online:

      to all those 13 year old's who are hating on this article: STOP!!!! These are just SUGGESTIONS!!! If you want to help Lori, criticize CONSTRUCTIVELY!!! She's not going to listen to the haters!!! Who would? I wouldn't, and I'm your age!!!

    • profile image

      Ana 5 years ago

      I just realized I have more to say, so I'm back!

      This comment is for you, now, Lori. Your ideas are great; looks like your daughter's going to go somewhere in life (like me- I hope!!!). Now for my constructive criticism:

      Although I'm sad to admit it, the really mean kids did have a point, although they could have said it a lot nicer:

      This is summer. Make sure your daughter does all the stuff on your list with you, but also things like parties and friends, because no matter how un-educational it is, we still need our space. She'll make up for it in the end by loving you even more than she already does! I should know, I'm 13 too, and yes, we should enjoy reading and writing and spending time with our family during the summer, but we also need friend time.

      Overall, this is a great list, and your daughter will be successful, happy and rich when she's older, while all the mean kids who commented won't have a job and will be living with their parents.

      Hopefully I'll be like your daughter!!! : p

    • profile image

      Ana 5 years ago

      This is a message to all the really rude 13 year old's. I'm 13 too, and I enjoy hanging with friends and computers and parties just as much as you do, but these are really good ideas Lori put up!!! If you don't like them, then tell that to us again when you're 30 and still living with your parents.

      Yes, I'm being sort of harsh, but I'm really sick of all the kids that make 13 year old's look like dumb kids who only want to do their nails and shop at the mall. News flash: although shopping, video games, and friends are totally AWESOME, we shouldn't be doing that ALL the time, or else we're gonna end up skipping college and jobless. We need to have a good balance between the smart and fun stuff, like reading and writing, and the dumb but REALLY fun stuff, like the mall and computers. That part was for you, too, Lori! Make sure your daughter does both the smart AND dumb stuff this summer!(Although I now realize that your daughter is around 16 now...look like I posted WAY too late : ))

      And just as a last note, I feel really, really bad for you other 13 year old's who are saying 'this list sucks' and other bad things. You're obviously going nowhere.

      Oh, and by the way, learn to spell.

    • profile image

      Alissa 5 years ago

      Dear Lori,

      I'm sorry for these rude gals & guys. I am almost 13 & I don't find anything boring. I agree some things are not real fun, but your list is really......... good. I love reading books. I don't want to be a writer but write very well. Maybe you hubbed this with your daughters help & trust me, I love it. Only the others are those spoilt brats.

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      I am also 13,But i see nothing wrong with this list!

      I also love to read and write and so on,To all the 13 year olds saying that this list stinks-

      Well it may to you!But that's just your opinion :) It's perfectly fine and sounds like a great way to spend the holidays,Personally i'd love to volunteer at the library,But unfourtunatly my reigonal library doesn't give that oppurtunity :)

    • profile image

      xxxhannahxxx 5 years ago

      Hi I'm 13 love to read!!! Remember to have fun though.... maybe that's what she's interested in some of the 13 year olds are terribly rude their parents obviously do not care what they're doing because we find him cussing on bullying online I'm 13 and I love to read do all those things but she also needs friends not that he doesn't have any he needs to spend time with them I really do hope it helped

    • profile image

      Holly 5 years ago

      Aw, look at these thirteen year olds... I'm 13, though.

      These comments, "I hate this list," "This list SUCKS."

      Can you get ANY more mature?

      Maybe we don't all like the same things as you, maybe we don't alll typee likee thissss.

      Stuff like that doesn't make people like you.


      Listen to your rap music. They always talk about haters, and y'all agree with it... so why are you all haters yourselves?

    • profile image

      Seri 5 years ago

      Most of these comments are very rude and unfair.

      I am 13 and I would love doing these things. (Some of them or most!)

      I'm a creative girl and I would love to be painting a room with my mum.

      I love my mum with my heart and I'm almost never embarrased by being with her. I love her! And I don't care if people know!

      I'm currently writing a book, because writing is my passion. I would write all summer!

      As for the whole "hanging out with friends," thing is bugging me. I personally have about three friends. And they never hang out with me o-o

      I'm adventrous and different, so I don't know about all of these "popular" thirteen year olds or whatever they do.

      I love being with my mom.

      It gives me thhe sense that she actually loves me.

    • profile image

      dew 5 years ago

      im 13 and all this is rubbish all i want to do is have fun with my friends and play xbox

    • profile image

      Teena 6 years ago

      I would just like to have 1 on 1 time with my 13 year old daughter so which is the best thing spa,hair,nails, cinemas or shopping?

    • profile image

      Noah 6 years ago

      i'm 13 and half that stuff is school stuff don't get me wrong i love reading but writing, volunteering at the library, (ok so that's not something u would do at school but that is still BORING!!!) getting ready for school??!! with summer 1/4 of the way over the word "school" should be outlawed.

    • profile image

      Addy 6 years ago

      Ummmmmm?! Library?! Writing?! You need to trust your daughter with many more things other than volunteering at a LIBRARY?! I'm 13. Yeah-- I did volunteer somewhere last summer...BUT IT WAS FUN! I was a counselor atta camp,(no pay), but my friends were counselors, too, and there were high schoolers there working as well. We ate out EVERYDAY. We went on 3 field trips EVERY WEEK. Plus, there's always a fair in town, and fairs are a BUULLLASSSSTTTT. Friends. Friends. Friends. Less adults, the better. That's why I invite my girls over EVERY WEEKEND during the summer! No offenSe, buttttttt your daughter probably doesn't even WANT to do that stuff. Just sayin. I might be wrong, but then again--I'm probably rightttt. Parents who think confront their chilren about doing this kinda stuff get a reputation-- STRICT. Tuurrruuusssttt me!

    • profile image

      Anna Smith 6 years ago

      She actually states that what more could a girl want other than to hang out with friends.....Everyone who wrote bad things need to chill out. Everyone's different, and t his is just a list of ideas. No-one is telling you how to live your life......So go & write negative stuff on some-one elses page wi=ho even gives a hoot!!!!

    • profile image

      trololololololol 6 years ago

      no 13 year old would want to do most of these, no offence

    • profile image

      willy 6 years ago

      I'm sorry. I'm a 13 year old and would never do any of this. This list is terrible. It's exactly what my mom would tell me to do. I would much rather sit around the house and mix music or just go anywhere where my parents are not.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Hi, Im 13 too and i think its really rude and mean what some other kids my age have said because its giving us a bad reputation. Anyway she didn't say this was going to be all day everyday just some fun ideas that kids COULD do if they wanted i mean really these ideas are actually pretty fun. To the people who wrote mean things you obviously arent going to have a very good future if your partying all the time.

    • profile image

      NK 6 years ago

      Hi, I'm 13 and I sort of agree. During the summer I did a summer course, like a preview for the next grade. So you could do writing, math, science, environmental stuff ect. So this course was from 8:30-12:00, and it was only during the month of July. I really liked this because I got a balance, of hanging out with friends, movies, sports, video games, and also learning and reading.

    • profile image

      tia and paige 6 years ago

      this information is rubbish it don't help with nothing

    • profile image

      jaz 6 years ago

      I let my 13 year old enjoy the summer and let him pretty well do what he wants which is not in excess. I find some parents are too structured and summer is time for kids to relax,hang with friends, and enjoy the weather.

    • profile image

      Rylee 6 years ago

      i am a 13 year old girl and i am replying to that alisha girl! i party a lot in summer and on weekends and no im not out drinking or doing drugs or anything like that but i do fine in school in fact im a straight A student and have been for 4 years straight! this list is something i wouldn't like to do but it was nice of lori to put up suggestions for kids who like to read and write!

    • profile image

      Ainslee 6 years ago

      Right, stop being horrible. She put this post up to suggest stuff. So get a grip and stop pretending you have anything better to do in your summer. Okay maybe it isn't a very good list. But you don't need to get on at her and be a total keyboard gangster. Because we all know you aren't hard. So stfu.

    • profile image

      shell bell 6 years ago

      ok well about my erlyer post its fine if the kid wants to to rread but plz parents don't force them to if thay don't wanna over the summer or school year thay shouldn't half to

    • profile image

      shell bell 6 years ago

      who cares bout reading im 13 and only like barely 25% of kids actualy care about reading the summer iz for getting away nd as for the school year we read plenty at school unless ur addicted to reading or something so if ur on a low buget go window shipping go have fun during summer go to the loacal pool enjoy life don't read thro it there 13 go to te movies have fun nd for all those freaked out mothers tinking "omg im stuck at home with my crazy hormonal dauter" talk to them ask them what thay wanna do nd agree on something theres gotta be some thing u can agree on sereously nd when all else fails find a frend u can give her to for a while let them hang out so ur dauter is occupied nd not hanging over ur sholder

    • profile image

      Emosewa 6 years ago

      This list is Amazing! I am 13 and a lot of this was already on my summer to-do list. I love reading and writing and at the moment I am working on a novel. Don't listen to what many other preteens/teens are saying, they are just being rude and are trying to grow up to fast. This list sounds like a perfect summer for me and I plan on doing many of these. Thank you for making this list to share what you are doing with your daughter, I loved reading it.

    • profile image

      Phoebe 6 years ago

      I Love to do all of these things!!!! I do this stuff and I think it benefits me in a long run. I'm very similar to your daughter. I read over a book a day, I have written two novels (unpublished, still being edited) have had my work published in a poetry book . . . and I'm 11. I WOULD LOVE A READING ROOM!!!! MY PARENTS WON'T BUY ME ANY MORE BOOK SHELVES BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MANY!!!! But great article. Keep on!! :)

    • profile image

      allielvr 6 years ago

      ur right about the dates though!!! 3 years!!!

    • profile image

      allielvr 6 years ago

      Im 10 and this is babyish to me! YOU SUX!!!

    • profile image

      Kat 6 years ago

      Huh, well howdy there! I'm also 13 (like nearly everyone else who commented!) and I just wanted to say that to me it sounded like an coolio list! I don't get why so many people are being rude! Sure, reading and writing today aren't seen as 'cool' but there still fun and awesome past times! Also, I'd love to spend more time with my ma doing things like these!

      Chilling out, going to partys, theme parks and all those things are great to do with friends!

      I mean, everyone has a their own opinion, and everyone has a right to say it, but manners? Please?

      I think its a rocking list dude!

      Teehee, drawing, making a band, paintballing and rock climbing would also be cool to do!

      :D just looked at the dates- this debate/ argument has been going on for three years! xD

    • profile image

      13yrold 6 years ago

      ok honestly im 13 years old and me and my friends are sitting laughing at the stupid things ur suggesting young 13 yrs to do like no 13 yr old likes to read and write over summer vacation like seriously !

    • profile image

      MatthiasdKing 6 years ago

      Yo,I am a 13 year old guy,if you don't mind.I would like to say 1 thing:It is a good list but all this stuff sounds like homeschool during summer.Please do not take it as an offense but it is boring.I agree with hanging,chilling,staying up late etc. but all this stuff about volounteer work sucks.I would only go work outside of home if I get paid for it.Please see that I am not trying to be rude but please at least read this and see.

    • profile image

      erin 6 years ago

      im 13. i don't want to make a room into a library or read or post a blog or any of that!!! its dumb! Your 13 year old must be really bored! this summer i will hang with friends work out play sports and sleep not read a book and blog! The only thing i agree with is volunteering. But not at the library! At a nursing home! it way more fun!

    • profile image

      iyanna 6 years ago

      im 13 and this list is bad im sorry but its summer i wanna be wit my friends and boyfriend and go to the movies and parties and water parks and beaches and chyllin at my friends house goin to the park that's wat summers all about and then make timme for my family at times

    • profile image

      Karissa 6 years ago

      Im almost 13 and to be honest ive already thought of hanging and i don't like your other suggestions cause i cant go anywhere stuck at home with no parents and nothing to do...

    • profile image

      Abbi 6 years ago


      I am thirteen and honestly, I like your list. It has many fun things on it that I would like to do. All of the negative comments by thirteen year olds are mostly childish and rude. You should just ignore them. Your daughter is obviously very lucky to have a wonderful mother like you. Thank you for the suggestions and continue writing helpful articles! -Abbi

    • profile image

      Maddie  6 years ago

      I love this list and im 13. Every person being offensive should realise that one day, and you never know when its going to happen, you wont have your mum to do these things with, and that theres people out there who would kill just to have a mum. You just take your mum for granted!!!

      And Thanks Lori, its a GREAT list :)

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      This is bull shit! Im 13 and if my mom made me do this stuff I would have the worst summer ever.I mean piano and reading? Aww come on!

    • profile image

      rowena 6 years ago

      aha this is shit! im 13 and my list would be party,party,party. L O L "and we might even compare our own blogs" the crazy things you do when our young , god let her go. S E L F I S H.

    • profile image

      BLAH BLAH BLAH 6 years ago

      What is wrong with all yous weirdos?!?!

    • profile image

      Jess 6 years ago

      Why are people being so rude. I'm 11 and I love reading. I actually have an ereader which allows you to download hundreds of books onto one device. To the people that are saying " NO OFFENSE" and " lame" and all that everyones different. Accept that into your lives and stop criticizing people ok? Like you haven't found at least one book in your life that you like to read. I've found many. Good luck with everything Lori and I hope those other peoples comments come around and bite them back.

    • profile image

      Amazed 6 years ago

      Wow! So many teenagers think this list is boring when all they can come up with is partying, watching TV and painting nails. Talk about boring....I didn't see a creative idea from any of them. I know a lot of creative teens that paint (rooms or canvas), play instruments, write (for fun), read (for fun), garden, make cool things out of recycled stuff, create music, design computer programs (with free programs, assuming you have a computer available), create art and scrapbooks out of digital pictures (also free programs available), knit, crochet, draw, and a host of other things. My 14 year old and her friend created a confetti cannon with a large spring, a cardboard tube, duct tape, paper, some wire and straws. Then set it up so that when I opened the door, I was sprayed with confetti. I didn't even mind helping clean the mess up. Now that's entertainment.

    • profile image

      lacysk8r865 6 years ago

      im 13 and some of the comments on here are rather rude! im sorry lori i must say some of your ideas are kinda boring but gosh those other kids don't have to be mean!!! try to do more creative stuff like the sport one is good sleep is good re do her room is good but prolly (sorry i know..i don't know how to spell.)not a play room..unless you still have one..maybe even study spelling words! im 13 and don't know how to spell half of the words i need to know!

    • profile image

      ash 6 years ago

      Not trying to be mean or rude but really what teenager is going to want to paint a play room(if they still have one) read or write? The only thing on your list i would do is sleep in but not till ten. i sleep in till noon and don't think many of your things on here are fun.

    • profile image

      momto13yearold 6 years ago

      I am reading this blog today, as I thought I might find something else to do with my son this weekend. I cannot believe how rude some people are. This is one mom's ideas of what she believes her daughter would enjoy. Being her mother, don't you all think that the mother knows her a bit better than the rest of you? Honestly people, when I was 13, I would have enjoyed having my parents spend more time with the way, I'm 44 now. No, that is not close to death.

    • profile image

      Tegaan  6 years ago

      im 14; and those ideas are actually pretty cool im over the usual shopping; partys; digi; parks. and i barely spend time to my mum. and to those 13 year old girls that don't like this page; that's fine; but why comment, its just plain rude. thankyou for some great ideas; maybe while mum is working i can do some of this with my younger sister :)

    • profile image

      summerissupposedtobefun! 6 years ago

      ahahahahah this is a joke . I doubt any normal 13year old , like myself, would ever do any of this on their summer vaca . like out at a library ? I suggest you take the advice of the other 13 year olds and actually do something FUN ! like go swimming . have parties . let er hang out with friends and don't follow her around the whole summer . I ain't tryna be rude I'm just tryna help yu out .

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      I am certainly surprised at the amount of offensive comments and reactions to this article. I also am quite surprised at the amount of 13 year olds saying that they wish to spend their summer partying. I am 14 and while I have been to a number of parties, most of them are overrated. At least for 13 year olds they are. Another question burning on my lips is; how many teen clubs are there in your community? How many legitimate parties does a 13 year old get invited to? Seriously, either some serious irresponsibility has taken place or someone is exaggerating the term 'party'. As for the list, it is mostly filled with interesting things to do. That is except for preparing for school. Take it from me, the last thing a kid wants to think about during the summer is school. I hope this list worked out for you!

    • profile image

      Carrie 7 years ago

      go swimming

    • profile image

      nice to meet you 7 years ago

      omg wat r u thinking srsly if that's ancient thinking u got there well were not learning history okay so plus if those things are being seen by boys they're gunna tell u ur pretty old. Normally i see new gens go shoppin and being popular amongst others so hi all girls out there

    • profile image

      Karly loves you! 7 years ago

      um im 13 myself and this is soo not what i'd be doing. I mean give the poor kid some space no girl wants there mommy to be there 24/ u want her to grow up or not! don't mean to be rude. Let her go to the mall with her girls or go to the beach. Give her a couple 100 and let her go shopping. My mom does all of tht and I am like awesomely popular and have the best life eva!

    • profile image

      cookiee 7 years ago

      im thirteen i think some things on the list look really fun if people don't like it then just keep out of if you like creative stuff get off the computer go for a walk and take photos i like reading and parties but if you like reading go to the library either way if you complain about whatever you don't like on the list go do what you like.

    • profile image

      harmony 7 years ago

      sum of theese things r cool but not evr1 has a playroom to convert in 2 a library/study room p.s i am 13

    • profile image

      izzy13-2muro 7 years ago

      can I just say reading and writing is not just for in school books are amazing like seriously they are you become friends with characters they take you to whole new worlds books make you laugh they make you cry they are immense and then writing well that's exactly the same apart from your the one creating the laughter the tears the new worlds i have to admit i wouldn't do some of those things but actually that's just coz im not into sport my list of 10 things would be

      1. Paint

      2. Draw

      3. Go somewhere beautiful and take amazing pictures because i love photography.

      4. Catch up with those friends from primary school I haven't spoken to for like two years.

      5. Listen to music.

      6. Write a song and write in my diary thing.

      7. Read 10 books.

      8. Go on loads of family outings to castles and museums or on walks i love doing this

      9. Hang out with friends

      10. Just chill for the day

      So as you can see my list is a lot to do with art music friends and family because that is what I love your list is fab to because obviously that is what your daughter loves to do

    • profile image

      Thisisntverygood 7 years ago

      I'm thirteen and I think this is rubbish i like to meet with my boyfriend and go out with him not read books I suggest having a group of friends round for a water fight or just messing around the house but helpIng at the library? That's stupid officially x sorry x

    • profile image

      HI 7 years ago


    • profile image

      emilie 7 years ago

      What's with all the comments about giving her time for her friends? READ NUMBER 6!! I had to laugh about decorating the room. Buy a couch? Even on Craigslist, we're talking money. So this list is for girls with money. Speaking of money, you wrote "Like every 13 year old, she's been asking for ways to earn extra money. So why not teach her how to blog? " How exactly does blogging earn money? My 13-year-old has been blogging for a few years and hasn't made a dime. Finally, to those commentators with shaky spelling skills, a tip: when you see a red line under words as you write, it means they're misspelled. USE A DICTIONARY.

    • profile image

      aj :) 7 years ago

      I am 13 and i'm not going to be RUDE! i mean yes i wouldn't do most of these things and yes i like to hang out with my friends but no need to get really ANGRY with Lori just because she put this list up. I mean seriously some of these 13 year olds need to get a life. If you don't like it go to another website! But as for GoGranny i find it very harsh saying thirteen year olds can't spell. And as for Alisha, just because people party doesn't make them thick, i find this highly offensive as i love to party and hang out with friends but i still get straight A's

    • profile image

      Hillary 7 years ago

      Hi! I'm 13 and I would love this stuff! I don't think a lot of people understand that these are suggestions and not a schedule to follow. Also, some people enjoy these things, everyone's different. Personally, I love it when my mom stays home for a day during the summer when she has to work. You sound like a very caring mother, Lori and I'm sure your daughter is really wonderful!

    • profile image

      franstormers 7 years ago

      I'm a thirteen year old girl and live in scotland and there isn't much to do in the summer holidays. We mostly get rain but i still wouldn't do this. Obviously your daughter likes this kind of stuff which is great but to be honest I don't think you should be planning out your summer holidays. The holidays is when you don't need to be in that routine the whole time and things come and go. Things like reading and writing might be ok for her but the majority of 13 year old wouldn't like to do it. but i have to say the one about volunteering at a library was hilarious. not being rude but any thirteen year old who would want to do that would be ripped for it. It is good that you want to do this with ur kid but you neeed to give her space to go out with her pals and have fun. Your heart is in the right place but kids do not want to do this.Although all these adults are saying people who go to partys are sad, these people are just as intelegtual as all the wee swots who sit cooped up inside all say reading are. Better social skills and that. It was too funny when that wee sadsack said their partying was 'hardcore' though wasn't it. The most hardcore they would get was a bottle of blue wkd between ten of them and a draw of one fag each. now they are the creeps.

    • profile image

      Dtr 7 years ago sure sparked a great debate and left a legacy!!

      Well done for that

      However...naff about the cheesy guys just trying check you out at the beginning!!

      Well done for all the teens and tweens comments, rude or otherwise for at least learning enough to be literate and then confident enough to comment.


    • profile image

      Tanya 7 years ago

      Um, I'm 13 years old, and me and my mom would never do that! Instead we usually go to the beach to check out guys, go to the movies and goof around, or go downtown to shop. But, then again, my mom is 28 years old, so she can still do that kind of stuff. Haha, we're more like sisters than mother-daughter! :)

    • profile image

      Rose 7 years ago

      Dude no affence but this list stinks!!! Let the girl go hang with her frineds or something!

    • profile image

      Opinion(isnotmyrealname) 7 years ago

      Okay, I am back. I have just read the other comments and completely take back what I said about GoGranny. What some people are putting is so pathetic! Somebody put "only nerds would do these things" and "I would hate to be your daughter". Have you people thought about anyone else but yourselves? Get yourselves a life, because you are just being selfish idiots! I would do somethings on here and I find it offensive that you but these things about people who would do them! Think before you type! :@ It's soooo pathetic!

    • profile image

      Opinion(isnotmyrealname) 7 years ago

      I think that some of the comments are unfair, but I am also 13 and probably wouldn't do these things. However, we're all different and it's harsh to critisize what Lori has put because sometimes I like reading or playing sport etc. I like the ideas on this list and think that saying this is a bad list is unfair.

      Just to get my thoughts and opinion across. ;)

      P.S GoGranny, you're being a bit harsh to the oither people. I've never met them so I can't be sure, but they are probably very well mannered and are, like me, just trying to get their opionions across. They're only giving advice on how to improve Lori's post.


    • profile image

      SMileyFace! 7 years ago

      I'm Thirteen and this sounds GREAT! I'd loove to hang with my mum more. you must have a very open relationship with your daughter. I think that all you girls out there should shut up about this being 'Gay' or 'sucky' or 'dumb'. I think it's very stimulating. thanks, Lori.

    • profile image

      SMileyFace! 7 years ago

      I'm Thirteen and this sounds GREAT! I'd loove to hang with my mum more. you must have a very open relationship with your daughter. I think that all you girls out there should shut up about this being 'Gay' or 'sucky' or 'dumb'. I think it's very stimulating. thanks, Lori.

    • profile image

      adele 7 years ago

      i'm 13 and i would hate to do anything with my mom! i'd just want to hand out w/ my friends!!!!!!! D:

    • profile image

      em 7 years ago

      i am a 13 year old girl and i love volunteering especially at humane societies!! i find some comments very shallow, sure i love to hang with my friends, go to parties but how do you do that all summer? i love reading and writing, i have over 300 books in my room!! dissing lori for helping others is not fun at all!! and for those people using the word "gay" as an insult, let me tell you, i would rather kiss every single gay guy in the world then even touch a guy who believes that!! really i like my family a lot but i can't spend all the time with them so go exploring my neighborhood or do some sports. sure teenagers can be rude, i am freaking queen of talking back to my mother, does that mean that i have to be mean?? nooooooooo!! call me a goody 2 shoes if you want i believe we are all different so you don't need to totally rip the carpet from under lori's feet, because that's not something you would do for the summer!!

    • profile image

      c.d. 7 years ago

      i'm thirteen and i think those ideas sound fun. and for the record, not that there is one, i like to read books and write stories during summer. i know we write at school a lot especially since i'm in a catholic private school but writing helps with anger. and sometimes i can't help but feeling angry.

    • profile image

      lucy 7 years ago

      I'm 14 and those ideas sound like a lot of fun! Most ideas wont suit all teenagers as we are all different but what's important is that you're daughter loved them. Maybe I should decorate my room......

    • profile image

      j.r. 7 years ago

      im 13 and i really do think this list is pretty lame i mean who reads in the summer that's what going to school is for i would rather go out party with friends or go to the beach and party!! i really think that u need to make a new list that people will acually want to do.

    • profile image

      bud 7 years ago

      wat about sleeping with people at parties..... so hot!

    • writer132 profile image

      writer132 7 years ago

      Maybe a spa/shopping/all girls/eat out for lunch and/or dinner would be AMAZING!

      I'm 12 almost 13 and this is mostly things that I would want to do!

    • profile image

      Mel 7 years ago

      U Rudeosss im 11 and this list of cool like the changing play room into study... the transformation part but err about the rest... and as for you 13 year old! If u don't like this website then don't read it and move on!! No need to make rude coments

    • profile image

      Danielle 7 years ago

      WOW, gayest list ever. Only a nerd would find any of these things fun.

    • profile image

      Betty 7 years ago

      I'm 13 ad I would love to do some of this with my mum but I can't she is always busy and some of the comments of ppl my age are totally rude everyone has their own taste and there is nothin wrong with this list. And anyone who says that they havn't found any of these fun since they were lik 5 is either lying, has no imagination, or is being a snob. Sure I don't like all of these cause i'm no good at writing but you do realise people that every time you look at a fashion magazine or a comic your reading!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Clare 7 years ago

      Ok.. I'm 11 and I wouldn't do any of those things! (Except hanging out with friends and movies and sleepovers) you wont get your teen to volunteer! You'll have a lot of trouble if you follow this list! Just except that all we wanna do is chat online, have sleepovers, hang out, that sort of thing! If you really want to play, try it with her younger siblings!

    • profile image

      Anonymous, U.K. 7 years ago


      I am a thirteen year old girl and I do think that some of the things on this list sound quite fun. To be honest, I wouldn't do some of the things on this list, as I would not find them entertaining in my summer holidays. This is just my opinion, I am not being rude. I like to read, but I don't arrange days for reading, if that is what you meant in the article. What I prefer to do is go to the library at the beginning of the summer holidays, and read them before I go to bed every night. Strangely enough, I too would like to be an author when I'm older. As for all the other people my age saying that they like to party and go out with friends, I like to do that too! I do go out most days during summer with my friends but once or twice a week I go out with my family. Sometimes just my mum, or my dad, but mostly it's the whole family. I enjoy these days out! Over here we get six or seven weeks for the summer holidays. I'm not sure how long you get though. Anyway, thanks for some ideas!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      h im a 13 year old and i was bored and looked at your suggestions and im really glad im not your daughter cause i wouldn't want to do any of these things

    • profile image

      bppeldf 7 years ago

      hi this list has great ideas

    • profile image

      hailey 7 years ago

      Um is it just me, or is it really creepy that your posting this.

    • profile image

      ashi 7 years ago

      im 13 and OMG!!!!!! how boring can u get?!?! no offense but really?! just let kids do wat they want, and let 'em go WILD!!

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Hi I am M and I am 13 and reading? Writing? Doesn't really sound fun.

      I home school and I love reading but i still don't wanna do it all the time.

      I would do some things on ur list like blogging juat not with my mom or dog

      And I do think there should be some thing like hanging out with ur friends and having and going to partys on ur list. I am sorry if I was rude but I was

      Just giving my opinion on things... :-D Hope i didn't hurt any ones feelings.

    • profile image

      no name 7 years ago

      P.P.S. teens r naturally rude so, DEAL WITH IT AND DON'T TELL US WE R RUDE, WE KNOW.

    • profile image

      no name 7 years ago

      Dear Lori

      this list sucks ass. im 13 and none of us want to do anything like that. reading, writing, volunteer work, are you people serious. parents need to let their kids go now.


      in text talk: txt means text: wtf means what the fu*k:omg means oh my god: brb means br right back: idk means i don't know. so we DO KNOW HOW TO SPELL. Thanks:D

    • profile image

      DippyDoo x 7 years ago

      Well....go to the library and reading?? tht sucks not a lot of 13 year olds would want to do tht, they like doin exciting stuff!

    • profile image

      (: KUTIE PIE :) 7 years ago

      Hey people i am a 13 year old girl and ohnestly not to be rude but all of this stuff is lame and boring.I mean come on put some fun things on the list.Like go swimming, have a sleepove, go shopping please do that. :) :) :) :) (: KUTIEPIE :)

    • profile image

      kristi 7 years ago

      all of this stuff sounds so boring.I am a 13 year old girl looking for stuff to do.None of this stuff looks or sounds fun.

    • profile image

      bulldog big fan 7 years ago

      cool... I guess

    • profile image

      Miyla 7 years ago

      Dear Lori,

      That list sounds like so much fun! Im 13 and painting the play room sounds like loads of fun. And to all of the people that ripped on her list are RUDE!!!!!!!!! If you don't like the list than you are probably trying to grow up to fast! So to all of you 13 year olds that like to party,hang out with friends 24/7, and sleep till 3 p.m. nothing is better than spending time with family, cause someday they just might not be there to spend the day with you. p.s. hanging out with friends is fun but be responsible and only in moderation so you have time for other people in your life

    • profile image

      god 7 years ago


    • profile image

      wow 7 years ago

      This is the worst list ever...