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Top 12 things I used with my new baby newborn-7 months

Updated on April 26, 2020
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I had my son, Owen, in September. Since then I have made it my goal to share my experience with products and with life in general w/ others

Top Twelve Products I Used With My Baby

Trying to navigate the reality of becoming a new mother can feel so daunting. Here is a list of products I couldn't live without.

Top Eleven Products I Used With My Baby

  1. Haakaa

I love this product. It suctions to your breast opposite of the breast your baby is feeding on. My guy preferred to eat every hour on only one side for the first 3 months so this product was perfect. I collected so much extra breast milk to freeze.

2.Velcro and Zipper Swaddles

My son was very strong when he was born and no matter how tightly we swaddled him he would kick his legs and move his arms and get out of his swaddle. We were in the hospital for a week and I had not yet purchased a zipper or Velcroed swaddle. I wish I had known how important and effective swaddling is for new babies. This is one of the number one things I encourage new mom’s to purchase to help get those precious moments of sleep.

3. Play Yard Fence

Any type of confined area for your little mover is important. My little guy is 7 months old and is getting into everything for the last month. Having a designated safe space is a must especially with busy little ones. For added safety I used a mattress topper on the ground to protect from bumps and bruises.

4. Graco Pack and Play

The Pack and Play with the diaper changing and infant insert option was such a useful baby product. Now that my little guy is older I use it less but it is still useful. I originally had it set up in my living room. I had the changing station all filled with the necessaries and I would put little guy to sleep in the infant insert (not the detachable bassinet piece. I used that as a place to set baby down in various parts of my house. I slept in the living room with my son for the first 2 months (my husband went directly back to work because we run our own business and I was worried about him on the road all day with no sleep so I stayed in the living room). Now that our son is 7 months I use the lower portion to put him in when I am doing something and cannot hold him. I give him some toys and he will occupy himself while I fold laundry and talk to him.

5. Milk Catcher

These were great to catch breastmilk in the beginning when leaking was more of a problem. I wouldn’t recommend leaving them on too long.

6. Elvie

The Elvie is quite pricy but definitely a product you want if you are pumping. I ended up not pumping as much as I thought I would but these have still been super effective. You are able to wear your breast pump and not be attached to any wires. You can wear it to cook dinner, while driving, I was able to still visit with family with them in my bra.

7. GracoBassinet Modes Stroller

This stroller is difficult to get a hang of in the beginning but for my little guy it was a must if I wanted him to go into a stroller. There are many transition options and the bassinet is great for placing sleeping baby into quickly and I love the facing back option. I am able to see my little guy as I push him in his stroller.

8. Grow With Me Convertible Car Seat

We bought a Chicco infant car seat and stroller set and they were great but my son hated his car seat. He refused to stay in it and screamed any time we went for a ride or walk. We had to buy a new stroller (the previous one mentioned) and car seat because he hated it so much. Nothing against Chicco, their product was very nice. Our son just hated it. I found the Grow With Me Convertible Car Seat and little guy was so much happier. He still doesn’t love car rides but I think he feels a little less confined.

9. Bouncer Chair

Just a basic bouncer chair is so important. Having places to put your little one around the house is super helpful especially the first 6 months. It was the only way I was able to get anything done.

10. Any Frida Product

I don’t think I have bought a product that repeatedly continues to hit the nail on the head. I love all their products. The nose sucker, mommy post-partum kit, medicine pacifier, cradle cap brush. Continually I am impressed with the quality of the product. With that being said they are a bit more pricey but worth it in my opinion.

11. Moby Wrap

This is a must have to get anything done. Especially if you have a clingy baby like my little guy (don’t tell him I said that). I was able to get so much more done once I started wearing my son. I wore my son everywhere and the fabric distributes the weight of the baby evenly across your shoulders and back. I now wear him with a sturdier carrier now that he is a bit older and moves around. He just feels more secure.

12. The Owlet Foot Monitor

This gave me such a piece of mind and was the only thing that helped me to sleep at night. I recommend it to every new parent. It monitors your babies oxygen level and alerts you if it drops low. I still use it and my little guy is 7 months old. It does not replace watching your baby how you would without the monitor but it helped me to get some much needed shut eye when my baby is sleeping. I am also looking forward to the release of their pregnancy band. I am hoping if we decide to have a second child the band will be on the market and affordable.

Please comment below and share products you couldn't live without with your new bundle of joy.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Katelyn A Mall


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