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Top 3 Cutest Baby Photo Contests Worth Entering

Updated on September 20, 2014

I Have a Cute Baby and a Photo to Prove It - Now What?

Of course you think your baby is the cutest - all mommies (and daddies) do! I will admit that I have never met any baby cuter than my own two. So why not enter my favorite pictures of my children in a few cutest baby and cutest kid contests? There are several contests to choose from online, and after a night of researching I have concluded that there are only a handful of contests worth the time and money (free) to enter.

Why it’s worth entering: $50,000 cash grand prize (in 2013)

Contest timing: If run similar to how it was done in 2013, the contest rules will be posted sometime around September 2014 and the contest itself will run for about a month.

As of September 20, 2014, the Gerber baby photo contest has not yet started. When it does start, the contest rules will be updated below.

Contest rules for 2013:

  • Child must be age 4 or under
  • Official 2014 rules and prizes to be posted this fall

Tips for what the judges are looking for:

  • Can see baby’s face clearly (props are ok as long as they do not hide baby’s face)
  • Baby is looking directly at the camera (not a prop above or next to the camera)
  • Baby is main focus of the picture (background is not distracting)

The catch: if your child wins the contest, you win the monetary prize but not the fame of actually being called THE “Gerber Baby” – that title belongs to, and will always belong to, Ann Turner Cook (as sketched by Dorothy Hope Smith in 1928).

Why it’s worth entering: The opportunity to have your child on the cover of Parents Magazine

Contest timing: Held annually between April and June (closed for 2014)

Contest rules for 2014:

  • Child must be age 6 or under
  • Photo must be recent (taken within 3 months of entry date)
  • Photo must be taken by the entrant or JC Penny Portrait Studios
  • Must be a US resident

The catch: if your child wins the cutest baby/kid contest, you do not necessarily win $10,000. The $10,000 prize is randomly selected from those who entered the photo contest.

Why it’s worth entering: The opportunity for your winning photo to appear on the TODAY show plus $80 in prizes (Target Gift Card and Johnson’s gift set)

Contest Timing: May 7, 2014 to September 3, 2014; contest consists of 17 weekly periods (one entry per person per weekly period) (closed for 2014)

Contest rules for 2014:

  • Baby must be 8 weeks or younger for contest weeks 1-10 and 12-17; 12 months or younger for contest Week 11
  • Must be a US resident

The catch: No catch, really, but the prize is not very big and your child has to be 8 weeks old or younger (except for contest Week 11) - many mommies are too busy with their newborns to sign up for this contest.

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Is the CuteKid Contest Worth It?

The CuteKid contest seemed like a great one to sign up for, until I read that there is a fee of $19.95 per picture entered. If that entrance fee doesn’t seem that bad to you, I encourage you to visit their website to find out more. The grand prize is $25,000 college tuition. There is also a free contest, with a prize of a “$250 gift card” each month to the photo with the most votes.

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How To Win

If you think you have a winning photo, you already are a winning mommy or daddy. But all cheesiness aside, you can increase your chances of winning by carefully reading through the official rules to find out how the photos are being judged. Each contest judges the photos differently and some contests will reveal exactly what they are looking for. It is worth the time to look at the previous winning photos as well. Be careful that you do not simultaneously submit the same photo to different contests, since some require that the photo not have won anywhere wouldn't that be a wonderful problem to have on your hands!


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