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Top 6 Natural Products For Your Family and Home

Updated on February 26, 2015

Only the Best for My Family.

Giving my family the most natural and best products out there is very important to me. I strive to find natural and wholesome products that are as free of chemicals, toxins, and dyes as possible. If I can’t find organic products I try to come as close to organic as I can. These products that I would like to share with you today are used on a daily basis in our household and, because I love them SO much, I felt like I had to share them with others. I get a natural high when I find a product that fits our family perfectly, that is actually healthy for you, and works great. I hope you find as much joy in them as I do.


#6) Everyone Lotion for Everyone and Everybody, Coconut and Lemon

The first item is sort of random, but I can adamantly say that I LOVE IT. Growing up I had eczema on my elbows and ankles and suffered from very dry skin. I can’t tell you how many different products/lotions I tried to help relieve this. Since having my son I also wanted to have a safe and effective every day lotion that I could use for him. After doing a ton of research I came across the “Everyone Lotion for Everyone and Everybody, Coconut and Lemon.” Not only is this lotion completely organic, but it is light and ultra-moisturizing, smells refreshing and invigorating, and is delicate enough to use multiple times a day. I am also able to use it as my facial moisturizer and have found this to be very cost effective. As mentioned earlier in this HubPages Hub article, my family and I are huge Subscribe and Save fans through Amazon and we get this item 20% off and we get it shipped once a month to our home. If you are looking for a safe and effective lotion/moisturizer for your WHOLE family you can look no further. The picture below shows how the bottle is a decent 32 Ounces that lasts our whole family a month!

UPDATE (February 15th, 2015): Though I thoroughly read Amazon reviews before purchasing this product--and I have been using it on myself and my son for well over a year now--I stumbled upon a website called, which provides product ingredient ratings when you search for a product by name. Out of curiosity, I searched for this product. Low and behold, I discovered that this product contains an ingredient called phenoxyethanol. Apparently, according to this website, that ingredient is suspected of causing reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, and skin/sense organ toxicity.

I have enjoyed this product so much that it is really disheartening to hear this about this product.

Even still, I have heard some say that they will continue to use this product, primarily because (they say) it is the only one product that will relieve some of the side effects and symptoms of skin disorders like eczema. At this time, I don't quite know what I will do. When the word "suspected" is used, it makes my scientific nursing brain long for more definitive scientific proof. So young, my son isn't worth the risk, so I will likely stop using this on him. For myself, I may just decrease my use of this product. So, instead of using it every day, several times a day, I will probably only use it every few days.

#5) Nutivia Organic Coconut Sugar

In order to save money and make healthier treats and snacks I am frequently baking from home. I am a huge fan of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is made from fresh coconut tree sap and is collected from the cut flower buds. I have been able to completely cut out the highly-processed and nutrition-less white sugar and now use only coconut sugar instead. Not only does it taste delicious but coconut sugar is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and B-vitamins. It also is one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners on the market. I only wish I had found out about coconut sugar earlier! The brand that I really love and trust is Nutivia Organic coconut sugar. Not only is it USDA-certified organic but I find that the prices are very reasonable. If you are looking for a safe and delicious sweetener for your family this is it. I even use it for my coffee in the morning with a splash of almond milk and it tastes delicious.

#4) Essential Oils

In fairness, this natural item listing is really a very 'broad' product, rather than a specific actual product and brand (although, as you will see, I do have my favorite company/brand of essential oils). You can find these both through Amazon (but, not actually through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, though), or through a variety of independent product consultants (or wellness advocates) for a variety of essential oil companies, like

  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Native American Nutritionals
  • NOW Foods
  • doTERRA
  • AuraCacia
  • Young Living
  • Edens Garden
  • Essential Oil Exchange
  • Heritage
  • Nature's Gift
  • NYR Organics
  • Scena Essentials
  • Spark Naturals
  • Butterfly Express
  • goDesana

(Really, there truly are ALOT of companies and brands out there to choose from....)

To say that the background world of essential oils is 'dramatic' would be an understatement. In a world where litigation runs rampant, I do know that many of these companies have had feuds with other companies, as well as, have sought lawsuits for a variety of reasons to do with similarities in formulations, etc. Personally, though I have read about these messy issues, I try not to get too involved in them.

Instead, I really care the most about two things: the quality of product, as well as, whether or not the company/brand is conducting itself in an ethical way.

In all my research, these two items at least appear to be at forefront of most individual's decision to purchase from/use a specific essential oil company's product and brand.

Commonly referred to by the two-letter acronym "EO", essential oils have really been gaining alot of interest and visibility lately among people worldwide. This is really because they have come to represent and embody a completely viable treatment option alternative to the Westsernized medicine/pharmaceutical approach that many people have grown accustomed to. Interestingly enough, even many classically trained physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists and primary care providers have come to embrace the holistic, natural, strength and power of essential oils as a viable treatment options.

Justifiable concerns of their patients, over the potential side effects and hazards of subjecting oneself to an oftentimes complex, prolonged pharmaceutical regimen, has caused those patients to literally demand alternative solutions and treatments.

Indeed, control of healthcare has truly shifted to the hands of the consumer, as of recent.

Doctors know this, and so do those consumers.

Though I have personally used many of brands/companies listed above, I intentionally "bolded" and linked to doTERRA (Number 4 on the list above). Highly skeptical at first, my son's bought with common cold symptoms, such as stuffy nose and congestion, led me to try out essential oils, after hearing about them from a friend. After educating myself on essential oils, while simultaneously using them religiously through my infuser, I did decide to enroll as a Wellness Advocate.

For a low initial first year registration fee of $35, I absolutely love the benefits of being a Wellness Advocate (click the "Sign Up/Join" Link at the bottom of the page). In fact, this registration fee actually drops, by $10, to $25, for every subsequent year!

I just refuse to compromise when it comes to my family's health, which is why this just made sense. As a registered nurse by trade, I naturally try to encourage my patients to devote themselves to a lifestyle of health and wellness. Admittedly, this passion for the welfare of others naturally spills over into other aspects of my life. Realistically, though--not to be a pessimist--but, I know that that will never be the case (that 100% of the people that I speak to will decide to devote themselves to a life like that). While a small fraction may succeed in achieving a lifestyle continually devoted to health and wellness, I know that, due to a variety of factors and reasons, many/most simply won't do it.

I am not here to judge, but to encourage you.

Since seeing the benefits of being a Wellness Advocate, I just haven't looked back. Here are some of those benefits and perks:

  • Perhaps one of the greatest perks of signing up as a Wellness Advocate is that you can purchase products at wholesale prices 25% below retail prices. While I had mentioned essential oils being available through Amazon, if you are looking to save money and cut costs, this is truly the best, most cost effective ways to go.
  • Earn free product purchase credits in the Loyalty Rewards program.
  • Own your own personalized web shopping site (no monthly fee) to which you can refer your personal customers and receive retail bonuses.
  • Sponsor new consultants and receive generous bonuses on their sales and on the sales of consultants they sponsor.
  • Access to your own personalized business management web site with no monthly fee.
  • Other special product promotions and discounts.

Having met each other in nursing school, my husband is simultaneously a U.S. Army National Guard officer, while we both work hard at leading a team of doTERRA Wellness Advocates. If you are ever interested, here is an article I wrote with a list of leadership lessons that I have personally learned from my husband. In it, I mention how he has helped me in this leadership capacity.

#3) Nature's Gate Body Wash Velvet Moisture Acai

Finding a body wash that was natural and that my whole family could enjoy was a must. As I’m sure many do, I love a body wash that has a great lather. One of my favorite indulgences is a nice hot shower, my loofah, and a nice foamy body wash, especially after a long day of being touch with sticky messy fingers. However, after trying a few natural and organic body washes I found that this was hard to find. Finally, I stumbled upon the Nature’s Gate Acai Body Wash. To say that I LOVE it is an understatement. It has the most amazing lather and feels velvety smooth on my skin. Not to mention that there is a delightful, subtle acai berry scent. Even my husband uses this! What I love about this product is that it nourishes the skin with antioxidant-rich berries, nut oils and butter and is sulfate free. Finding amazing products that are not full of chemicals but are filled with natural, organic products is a natural high for me. I feel good about my family using this product and that is all that counts. Use this body wash and have your skin feel soft, and moisturized.

#2) Seventh Generation, Free & Clear Glass & Surface Cleaner 32 Ounces

If you have a family with young kids like me I am sure that you have their adorable little hand prints on your windows, mirrors, couch, etc, you get the hint. While I do love my son’s little handprint, and I must admit there are times I am tempted to leave his cute little handprint on my window for a couple days the inner clean freak in me just has to clean my windows. That being said, for years I used glass cleaners like Windex and, while it got the job done, I never liked the strong chemical smell to it and all of the harsh ingredients it contained. Thus started my search for a natural glass and surface cleaner. I stumbled upon this product while searching through Amazon one day, and what caught my eye is that this product is Non-toxic, Hypo-allergenic, Biodegradable, Vegetable based and contains NO dyes or fragrances. I can’t rave enough about this product. My mirrors and windows look flawless! I also love the fact that while I am cleaning there is no odor to the product. I feel much better knowing my son isn’t breathing in any remaining chemicals floating in the air. You will not be disappointed!

We Also Have Seen this Coconut Oil with THIS Color Labeling on the Product.

#1) Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

I just discovered coconut oil a few months back. At first I was timid about the product, not really knowing how to use it. After doing research and finding out that coconut oil is not only good for in the kitchen but it also has MANY other uses as well. This is by far the best brand to go with.

The price is very reasonable and you can feel good knowing it is made of the highest quality.

First off, this coconut oil has a very creamy and rich taste of the tropics. Nutivia uses minimal processing, therefore naturally maintaining its taste, texture, color and aroma. One of my favorite things about coconut oil is that it gives you a natural energy boost, therefore resulting in more calories burned. Coconut oil can easily be used as a healthy oil for baking and cooking in the kitchen. Here is our favorite muffin recipe using coconut oil. While I could go on and on about different recipes using coconut oil I also want to mention some of the other uses of this product.

About once or twice a week after my son has had his bath I lather him up with the coconut oil, and it works as a superb moisturizer. His pediatrician has mentioned a couple of times how radiant and smooth his skin is. I also use it on myself about once a week as an extra boost of moisture to my skin. My favorite use of coconut oil for myself however is for my HAIR. You just scoop it out and apply to dry hair and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. I like to keep it on overnight and than just shampoo and condition my hair the next morning as usual. It leaves my hair silky smooth! I do this about once a week as well. Oh and I don’t want to leave out that I also use it for shaving cream, especially if you have sensitive skin this is the way to go, you will definitely be happy with the results!. There are many other ways to use coconut oil as well, I think this product more than sells itself!!

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Purchase these Natural Products on Amazon Subscribe and Save!

Among a few other products my family uses regularly, each month I especially look forward to the delivery of all of these products as Amazon Subscribe and Save items. Hearing the door bell ring, only to be greeted with a nice large brown cardboard box with all our Subscribe and Save items nicely consolidated inside of it, has become a rather joyous occasion in our household for several reasons. Fortunately, I found that we were actually saving alot of money each month when I simply chose to have these products sent on a re-occurring monthly basis. Because we continually consume these products as a family, Amazon's Subscribe and Save program was a no brainer for us, and, over 6 months later since the time of this writing, we haven't looked back.

Now that you have seen my list of favorite natural products, here are some other things I love about Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. When you click on each product link (below), you can find a one-time payment option for that specific product, or you can also find the Amazon Subscribe and Save option. (NOTE: My family does regularly receive every product that I list in this article, and has been for at least 6 months now, at the time of this writing.)

  • Save up to 15% on your entire order when you receive 5 or more subscriptions on your monthly delivery day. (If you are signed up under Amazon Mom, however, this percentage goes up 5%, to 20% in savings. Later in this article, I mention saving 20% on our Amazon Subscribe and Save items. This is why. Because of Amazon Mom.)
  • Receive free shipping on every Subscribe & Save shipment
  • Cancel at any time - there are no commitments, obligations, or fees
  • No upfront charges - pay only when the item is shipped
  • You can, personally, select the frequency of your deliveries. Though my family's consumption of these products has led us to opt to have these particular items shipped to us once every month, that may not be the case for you or others. In my experience with Amazon Subscribe and Save, you can have products shipped anywhere from every 1 month, to every 6 months, in one month intervals.

Have you ever, personally, used Amazon Subscribe and Save to purchase items/products for your home and family?

See results


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      Love the product information. I use Seventh Generation products around the home and find them they do they job very well.


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