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Top 5 Things for Kids To Do at the Breakfast Bar

Updated on August 9, 2010

A breakfast bar can be a great addition to your kitchen, if your kitchen is somewhere that your family likes to gather. A breakfast bar gives you extra counter space for preparing food, sifting through mail, placing electronics like a television or radio, or doing work for jobs or school. A breakfast bar is a great place for kids and opens up your kitchen to more opportunities for family togetherness. Here are the top 5 things for your kids to do at your breakfast bar.

1. Homework

If your kids routinely ask for your help with their homework (or you volunteer it!), the breakfast bar can be a great place for them to do it. They can work on their homework on the breakfast bar while you prepare dinner. Doing their homework on the breakfast bar can free up other counter spaces (such as the dinner table) you might need to use and keeps them close to you to answer questions and offer help.

2. Do crafts

For many of the same reasons, the breakfast bar can be a great place for your kids to draw, paint, color, or do any other crafts that they enjoy. Since your breakfast bar will be located in your kitchen, likely over an easily cleanable floor such as tile or linoleum, this option can keep crayons out of your carpet. A breakfast bar can be easily covered with an old sheet or newspaper to protect its surface. Since a breakfast bar is smaller than a full sized table and easy to walk around, it is a convenient place for you to do crafts together as well.

3. Eat

This one is obvious—the breakfast bar can be a great place for your kids to eat meals, especially if they are young and still prone to spilling food. You can even set infants in their high chairs next to the breakfast bar, to give you some additional counter space to set the food you are feeding them.

4. Watch television

If your kids like to be near you and you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, setting a small television on the breakfast bar for them to watch while you are busy allows them to be close to you while you pay bills or prepare meals.

5. Play with toys

Giving your small children toys to play with in the kitchen can make for easy cleanup afterwards. Legos, dolls, and even small video games can be ideal for your kids to play with on the breakfast bar. If they want to have a snack while playing, the breakfast bar is a natural solution to keep Cheetos out of your couch cushions. 

Image Credit: granite-charlotte, Flickr


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  • belliott profile image

    belliott 7 years ago

    The breakfast bar can be a hub for the family, keeping kids close at hand or involved as dinners are made and great place to do crafts.