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Top Changes you will face as a new Parent

Updated on February 23, 2018
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Becoming a new parent can be daunting. But you cannot deny the fact that a newborn baby is one of the greatest gifts parents can have. The excitement ensues as you plan how to tell the good news to your family up to the moment you prepare your home for this new blessing. And when the day arrives that you can finally see your baby and take him or her home, your life will completely change.

How To Prepare as a New Parent

There is no secret formula to becoming a perfect mom or dad. The changes new parents face will always be there. And no matter how many articles or forums you read about parenting or how many advices you get from your friends, your experiences will still be unique from them. The only thing certain is that it will be challenging, immediate, and unpredictable.

While the overall experience will always be exciting and fun, a few bumps in the road will always be inevitable. Some of the most common changes new parents face are the variations in the family dynamic. Having a newborn in a household means major adjustment. Therefore, expect to experience some growing pains. You also need to expect issues on baby’s temperament and changes in household routine. What’s more is that these situations are sometimes outside of your control but how you handle the challenges can make a huge difference.

To help you prepare for your new role, here are some of the changes new parents face and tips on how to resolve them:


The labor and delivery process is already an emotional and grueling experience. But this is only the beginning of the challenge. Once you get home, you will realize that the baby does not really follow the regular sleeping schedules you have and their temper is not always easy to handle. This is all while your body recuperates from the pains of giving birth. While a new addition to the family is thrilling, it can be exhausting to face the new challenges.

One of the changes new parents face is having to deal with different levels of exhaustion. Even if you are used to having zero sleep during thesis days and weekend parties, it will still be a totally different feeling. If you want to easily adjust to your baby’s sleeping hours, you need to also take a rest or nap as your baby sleeps. Even just a few hours of sleep will be worth it compared to nothing.


Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding is not an easy work. Despite the many blogs, books, mommy groups, or forums you read, it will not be easy. However, the benefits it will bring to you and your child is worth your every effort. In this journey, you may also experience challenges such as pain and nipple sensitivity. This is completely normal, especially if you are feeding constantly each day. But fear not, as, after a couple of weeks of an adjustment period, the breastfeeding process will be completely manageable.

Family Adjustment

With the addition of a new baby in the family, it’s not just the moms that undergo tons of adjustment. The husbands, parents, newborn’s siblings, and even family pets can expect huge changes as the dynamic of the household evolves. The dad surely needs to help our after work hours or during weekends to ease the woes of the new mom. Siblings will adjust to changes in household rules and the divided attention of the parents.

You will also notice that there will be less time to work on household chores that you can easily manage before such as walking the paths, doing the laundry, tending the lawn, and a whole lot more. It’s a typical adjustment as you work on the demands of caring for your newborn. Eventually, you will get the hang of it and the household will then return to its normal state.


Another changes new parents face is the mob of visitors. And these visitors are not just here to see the baby, they will ask about your new journey as a parent, give advice, and a lot more. What’s more is that these visitors’ stay is not always brief. The problems occur if the family does not really want the added company. Hosting visitors eat up the time you can spend on cleaning the house, washing the dishes, or discussing serious matters with your husband. Plus, parents usually need the first few weeks to enjoy their child in a quiet and intimate setting.

To avoid this problem, gently and politely inform relatives and friends that you are planning a home visit for everyone as soon as you and your family have already settled and get comfortable at home. Install this idea to those who wish to visit so they know when is the appropriate time to drop in.

Mother nuzzling baby girl in arms
Mother nuzzling baby girl in arms | Source

Worrying Too Much

Worrying comes as a natural part of becoming a new parent. This is normal as you are suddenly carrying the responsibilities of taking care of a tiny human. Plus, the newborn is completely dependent on you in every possible way you can think of so you feel scared to do something wrong. You may feel overwhelmed by the tasks associated with this new role. The adjustment period can be intense, especially when unforeseen challenges such as health issues arise. You may doubt your decisions or feel guilty if the child is not feeling well but its all part of the experience.

As a new parent learns more about their child’s behavior and needs, the tasks at hand will get easier. Just keep in mind that these challenges are fleeting. In time, the challenges will eventually fade into the background. So even if you feel tired and exhausted, try and enjoy the process. Learn from it and use them to your advantage. In a few months, the newborn will start to crawl and walk, and you will miss the moments of just watching them calmly sleep.


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