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Top Crafts that Children Can do

Updated on February 15, 2010

Craft Ideas

There are many crafts that children can do with the help of their parents. These crafts can be indoors or outdoors.

Here are some ideas:

Craft #1:

Take a piece of paper and some coloring crayons outside with your child. Take some leaves, grass, dirt, etc...anything you can find outside that is not to bulky.

Then go on the sidewalk or take something hard and put a leaf on that hard surface.

Take the piece of paper and place it on top of the leaf.

Take the crayon and color on top of the paper while the leaf is on the other side.

The result is an image of the leaf or any other nature image.

Craft #2:

Find things outside such as: leaves, pin cones, sticks, flowers, and anything else. Take some string and tie each of your findings to one part of the string.

Take a cardboard or paper and make strips of of it, about 5-6 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter. make five pieces or how many objects you have. Make sure it's sturdy. Tie the other side of the string to the cardboard pieces. One by one.

Then you can hang it up outside and look at all of the findings and learn about them.

Craft #3:

Collect a bunch of leaves and grab some paint. Preferably different colors.

Paint each of the leaves separately. One red, one blue, one green, and so on.

Let the leaves dry and then glue them on top of a paper plate. Around the plate.

Before gluing the leaves, draw a face on the plate and make holes for the eyes and mouth.

Craft #4:

Collect a bunch of sticks and stones and make a house out of them. Glue the sticks to make a house. Stack them one on top of the other on four sides.

You can even paint the sticks first.

Craft #5:

Gather some flowers. Preferably different ones. Grab either a piece of paper or a paper plate or some wooden sticks. Write each name of the flower on the piece of paper, wood, or plate and rub each flower on that surface.

Then they can smell each flower they put on the surface and can read the name of the flower.

Craft #6:

Grab an old white t-shirt or buy one, they shouldn't be expensive. Grab some paint and outline a design or a drawing and paint the picture on the shirt. Let it dry. Kids have fun with this one. You can use hats too.

Craft #7:

Have a cooking session with your kids. Make some homemade play dough or have them help you with baking some cookies.

Craft #8:

Make your own puppets. Take some old socks that you don't need and draw some characters on them. You can also sew some buttons for the nose and eyes.  

Craft #9:

Take some paper bags and make hats and costumes out of them. I did this with the kids and we had so much fun cutting and gluing our costumes together and then putting them on.

  • You can also go to Michael's and buy some pretty neat craft ideas.


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