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The Best Christmas Present For A Toddler

Updated on November 10, 2014

Santa recently paid a visit to my toddler's daycare and surprised her with an early Christmas present. I have never seen her love something so much. I don't think Santa can top that come Christmas morning. The next day at the daycare, I was asked by a few parents where Santa got my daughter's gift as their toddlers now want the same thing from Santa.

Cloud b Lady Bug
Cloud b Lady Bug | Source

My daughter's favorite present of all time

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light - LadyBug became an indispensable item wherever my daughter goes. It follows her when she uses the potty, it sits beside her when she's having her meals. She actually gets excited to go to bed as she knows she gets to go to bed with LadyBug and count the stars.

I now get extra snuggle time in bed with my daughter as we talk about her LadyBug, tries to count the numerous stars up on the ceiling and see who can find the moon first. It has really made her room magical and going to bed much more fun.

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

The Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light projects the room with constellation of stars and a moon in three different colors. The LadyBug in particular projects the room in red, blue and green whereas the original Turtle projects in blue, green and amber. It has an auto-shut off timer of 45 minutes to conserve battery.

In addition to the LadyBug, Cloud b also makes them in Classic Mocha Turtle (original) with various other colors and Sea Turtle. The entire body is plush and cuddly, with only the shell being the hard part. The top has four buttons (On/Off and three button for the three different colors) - big enough and can be pressed easily for the little fingers. The underside shows the belly that has an on/off switch and screw on battery pack for three AAA batteries.

The entire thing is about 14" long and 5" tall, small enough that my almost three foot tall toddler can bring it everywhere she goes. My daughter loves lying on her bed counting the stars and locating the moon. This is suitable for children 2 and up. I recommend it for toddlers old enough to understand not to stand on it as that might crack the shell.

Constellation projection
Constellation projection | Source

LadyBug vs Turtle vs Sea Turtle

I chose the LadyBug simply because it is red and my daughter's favorite color is red. My daughter loved the LadyBug so much that we bought the original Turtle for my 3 month old baby. When we compare them side by side, they are very similar, with the Turtle a little shorter in height as its shell is flatter. The turtle has a wider projection compared to the LadyBug. When we tested it in our master bedroom, we were able to see the stars from one end of the wall to the long side of the other wall (approximately about 12 feet).

I did not get the Sea Turtle as according to the reviews, it comes with two colors, with the third color a combination of the first two where you would get two projection (ie, two sets of stars and two moons). As well, it does not seem to have a wider projection compared to the LadyBug or Turtle so we chose to stay close to the original instead.

LadyBug and Turtle Video Review

I hope you will consider getting this for your little one. We now have many counting stars session during the day hiding underneath the covers or going into a dark room just so we can use LadyBug. If you do get it because of my article, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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