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Top Ten Things That Preschoolers Love To Do

Updated on January 15, 2012

Entertaining preschoolers can be a challenging endeavor. Kids that age are full of energy and if not properly occupied they can make a total disaster out of your house in no time flat. Do not let this happen to you!

a preschooler with nothing to do.
a preschooler with nothing to do.

Luckily, this can easily be avoided by making a few good choices with their time. These are the top ten things that almost every preschooler is happy to do at almost any time. Choose one or several of these activities and your preschooler will stay occupied and happy.

Playing in water. Most preschoolers love to play in water. Set them up at the sink or in the bathtub, and most preschoolers will happily splash and play for 20 minutes or more. For added fun, give them a few plastic toys such as boats or cups that they can use to fill and dump, or make up little stories and scenarios as they play.

Coloring. Give a preschooler a 24 pack of crayons and 5-10 sheets of paper and they will be thrilled! Set them up at a table with their supplies and watch them turn on that creativity. My kids could easily color and draw for half an hour when they were four and five years old, and some of their artwork was amazing!

Making a mess. Preschoolers are very tactile. They love touching things and making a big mess. Give them some Playdoh or a pan of rice or dried beans and they will happily make a giant mess in no time!

Tossing around a ball. Whether you play catch with a big beach ball or roll a ball back and forth in the living room or kick one around in the yard, preschoolers love to toss around a ball. This is very good for developing their hand-eye coordination as well as being a lot of fun for them.

Dancing. Got some music with a good beat? Preschoolers love to move and dance! Just put on some good tunes and have a dance party with your preschooler in the living room.

Going for a walk. Take your preschooler outside and go exploring. Point out worms in the mud, pretty flowers, butterflies, and locust shells on trees. They love "discovering" new things outside!

Picking up big sticks. Preschoolers love picking up and waving around big sticks. This is the one thing on the list that you probably don't ever want them to do, as they inevitably hurt themselves and/or others when they find and wave around a big stick.

If your preschooler does find a big stick, encourage them to give it to you, gently, or throw it back on the ground.

Listening to or reading a story. Most preschoolers love picture books. Some kids like you to read to them, while others enjoy holding the book and reading on their own. Children's books are relatively inexpensive at most stores, or you can take the kid to the library and get a few books for free.

Some great books for that age group are the Pat the Bunny series, and the Mo Willems Pigeon books.

Helping. Preschoolers love to help you. When you are watching a preschooler, it is not the best time to do any welding or heavy lifting. Find some activities they can help you with, such as making the bed or picking up toys or other objects. A child that age can take dryer lint to the trash can for you or wipe off the table with a wet washcloth.

They may not do a perfect job, but the practice will be good for them, and they may be more helpful to you than you expect!

Getting your undivided attention. This is one of a preschooler's very favorite things. They love when you listen to them, hug them, and play with them in a one-on-one setting. Watch their faces beam as you tell them what a good job they are doing, or as you hang on their every word when they tell you a story. It doesn't get much better than that when you're a preschooler!


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  • imichelle profile image

    imichelle 7 years ago

    Yep - preschoolers don't have to cost much. It's when they get older that the bills seem to start rolling in!

  • AustralianNappies profile image

    AustralianNappies 7 years ago from Australia

    These are great, and I've noticed not one of them will cost much money!