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Top Ten Ways to Teach a Child A "Can Do" Attitude

Updated on June 9, 2012

Let your child say, "Yes, I Can!"

Activities for young children should offer many opportunities for physical, cognitive, social, and cultural development. It should be age appropriate. It should allow plenty of time to explore, examine and experiment, since children learn by doing.

Remember to provide various materials that children can use in many different ways.

The following are suggested activities worthwhile for young children:

  1. Cooking: Children love to do things that adults engage in. It gives them the chance to do something grown-up. It provides a way for youngsters to gain a sense of mastery, feel important, and achieve a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Tree-Planting: Using empty milk cans, plant fruit seeds such as avocado, mango, guava, etc. Discuss with your child the importance of trees in controlling landslide and flooding in our ecosystem.
  3. Mastering childhood games: Balance sedentary computer games with traditional games. Bond with your children as you share your childhood play experiences.
  4. Making a genogram. Involve the whole family, assign tasks per member, and ask the children to provide illustrations. This will help children appreciate their roots and realize the importance of the family.
  5. Learning to play musical instrument. Gentle music helps to relax children and moving to a fast rhythm enables a restless child to work off extra energy. Music provides pleasure and comfort. It also helps improve a child's ability to concentrate and discriminate. Playing a musical instrument will enhance the child's self-esteem.
  6. Reading books: Books are important in the development of young children. Choose books that are right for the developmental level of the child. The illustrations should be recognizable, story easily understood by young listeners, and must cater to the child's interest.
  7. Sorting and classifying objects: In order to arrive at the true concept of numbers, all young children need rich and varied experiences in classification and sorting. This is how mathematical thinking begins. Use buttons, bottle caps, or similar objects. Have children put together things that belong together or are alike according to attributes associated with function, color, size, and shape.
  8. Body tracing: Make a full-sized outline of child's body using manila paper or newsprint long enough for the child to lie full length on his or her back. Cut along the outline and ask child to draw on the paper body, "things I can do". Help children find ways on how they can enhance their skills.
  9. Using empty cartons: Many children receive toys that come in large cartons. The boxes can be used in many creative ways. They can be arranged into trains, they can serve as houses and stores, or they can be used as hiding places. Children can paint the outer and inner spaces and use it as a puppet stage.
  10. Making puppets: Puppetry as a form of dramatic play is a sure way of stimulating creative storytelling. Puppets can help children to engage in conversation. Puppets often reveal the inner world of the child. A great deal can be learned about feelings and emotions.

Parents need not have special skills or talent in all of these activities. The most important attribute a parent can have is a positive attitude of acceptance and appreciation of children's effort. A child needs an environment that says, "Your creations are wonderful because they are you." "Yes, you can do it."


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