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Best Budget Baby Travel Strollers 2015

Updated on May 5, 2015

\It's true that you can get by with the most basic of strollers for your baby.

This might work for those that rarely take their baby out, but let's face it; every baby needs a change of scenery, not to mention every parent has errands to run.

Having a stroller that has that features to make your outings much more comfortable is very convenient.

Different Types of Strollers

Travel Systems

These are usually sold in conjunction with infant seats that can be snapped into place.

These are quite convenient to have if you use an infant seat in your car and want the convenience of simply pulling your baby and her car seat out of your car, and attaching it to the stroller.

Newborn babies tend to sleep a lot and waking my infant up to run into the store really quick was never appealing to me.

Though these are used with the infant seat, they are made to be used when your baby gets bigger and she no longer uses an infant car seat.

Stroller Frames

Stroller frames are used just like travel systems though they are often not as sturdy or as convenient as other strollers on the market. Nor do they come with many features.

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are some of the cheapest you can find. They often do not feature much past a canopy and perhaps a small storage basket. These are great for very quick trips and for those that don't have a lot of room in their trunk.

Standard Strollers

Standard and lightweight strollers are probably the most you can find in the market. They often have lots of convenient features to make your outings much nicer. 17 years ago with my first child, standard strollers were quite heavy and cumbersome.

Strollers today and are made with many convenient features and are much more lightweight and compact than they used to be.


Jogging strollers are made with front swiveling wheels that make running behind them much easier.

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What to Remember When Buying Strollers

You really want to make sure that the stroller will fit in your vehicle. The measurements listed by manufacturers are usually those of the stroller folded down see you can more easily determine if it will fit in your trunk.

Take a look at the weight limits for each stroller you are considering. Believe it or not there can be a big difference between manufacturers and different models.

If you want to use your stroller far into toddlerhood, find one with a large weight limit.

Where will you use your stroller the most?

If you will be taking walks around the neighborhood or in parks, find one that is made to be more rugged with bigger wheels to more easily roll over gravel and other hard surfaces.

If all you simply need is a stroller to get you in and out of shopping centers, any standard stroller will do.

Features I Recommend to those Buying a Stroller

One of the most important features I tell parents the lookout for when shopping for a stroller is a reclining seat.

Not only is this more comfortable for a sleeping baby, it makes changing diapers on the go very convenient.

My last child would scream bloody murder anytime I would lay her on the hard changing tables offered in public restrooms.

Being able to lay her down in her seat and change her diaper quickly, was much easier for us. Look for a stroller that offers a fully reclining, or almost fully reclining seat; there are some that will only go back to a certain degree.

Make sure Kids Have their Treats a Hands Reach Away

Another essential feature I recommend getting is a stroller with a snack tray and cup holders. Babies often get restless while out and about, and if they have a place to play with toys or have snacks and drinks, it will make your life much easier.

On the same note, I recommend finding a stroller with a parent tray for storage of small items and cup holders as well.

I am of average height so most strollers are just fine for me. However, I often where super high heels and trying to stoop and push my baby in her stroller is a pain.

Also, many fathers take turns pushing these devices and having taller handles or adjustable handles is a very nice feature.

A large canopy will ensure that your child is protected from the sun and other elements. Almost every stroller comes with a canopy, but there are a few that offer a much larger canopy than others.

The last essential feature I recommend personally is a large storage basket underneath. Sometimes, when you are out and about for a good portion of the day, you want to be able to bring enough supplies with you.

This is always a handy feature while shopping as well, so you don't have to carry all your shopping bags with you.

Consider this When Getting a Stroller

Safety Should be Most Important When Buying a Stroller

All strollers come with some kind of safety harness. However, you do need to check while shopping because some strictly gave you a three point harness, while others give you a five point harness that can be converted to a three point if desired.

Having a five point harness is essential for younger babies that cannot sit up on their own very well. They are also helpful for extremely wiggly toddlers, or those that like to climb out.

Every stroller also comes with brakes for your wheels. However, it can be a little more convenient if you have a device that allows you to lock the brakes with just one foot instead of having to lock them individually.

Keep in mind that your baby will probably make some messes on her seat. So finding a seat cover that is removable and easily washable will also make your life easier.

© 2013 Lexi Belliston

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