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Hospice: losing a loved one.

Updated on August 19, 2017

I Really Miss you Daddy

Joseph Bennett passed away on November 24th, 2005. That day was my birthday and Thanksgiving. He was my father, my confident, my best friend. He was born January in Mississippi. He served tours of Duty in Korea. He died from lung cancer that spread to his brain. He was loved and respected by many. Every year since he departed I write a tribute usually in my journal. But this year I want to tell the world how much he meant to me and how much of a difference he made in my life. He was always smiling and the pictures are from his and my moms last anniversary. It woould have been twenty years. We had to do it early due to the rapid progression of his illness. He died about 3-4 days after this reception. I remember him crying because it was so beautiful and he knew hw was dying. His last two weeks were hard and even though I miss him more than I could ever say with words , I am glad he is resting in peace and not suffering. When I was sick he stayed with me 6 months, I asked him " Daddy what will happen if you die and I cant get there in time?" Baby there are no goodbyes, only see ya over the sunset" It was the last time We spoke of death. "Go on follow your dreams and know that I am always looking out for you. So Daddy this is for you....I Miss You!!!

In Loving Memory Of Joseph Bennett


You held my hand through thick and thin, I can't remember a time that you werent there,

Even Up until the end , I always knew you cared.

Daddy you made me smile the way that no one else could , and when you said you loved me , I knew you always would.

Daddy, today I try to carry on, knowing you are always at my side , my own personal angel, always there to be my guide.

Daddy it was so hard the day I had to let you go. I loved you so very much and it hurt me so. Seeing you in so much pain, God finally called you home, but I was here to wait sad and all alone.

Daddy I'll always love you and I never will forget, the bond we shared together

Now In God's Sweet Arms Find Rest.

Gone too Soon but Never Forgotten!!!


Me and Daddy
Me and Daddy
Mine and Daddy's Last Dance
Mine and Daddy's Last Dance
Daddy and Mom with brothers and sisters
Daddy and Mom with brothers and sisters
Daddy and Mom's Last Dance
Daddy and Mom's Last Dance

Merry Christmas Daddy

 Once again Christmas is almost here. I made it through Thanksgiving an my birthday. It's hard Daddy I'm struggling on my own. The holidays are so hard for me, I feel so all alone. I spoke to Mom yesterday, it's like she doesn't remember you, she's married and gone  on with life the way you told me to.

But daddy I haven't found anyone who loves me as much as you, many others have gone to join you, I wish that I could too. I miss you Daddy from your little girl, who never will forget all the love that you showed me, the loss still hurts me yet.

I don't celebrate Christmas anymore, my birthday, or Thanksgiving day. Somehow it's not the same since you went away. You made everything so special, Your love was from the heart, now I feel so confused, now that we're apart.

Now I can't give you gifts, only send my love, and hope that you can feel it where you are up above. I never will forget you and I'll never let you go, remember that I'm here the little girl that loves you so.

Merry Christmas Daddy, I can hear the angels sing and in their voice i know you remember everything.




November 2010 I Still Miss You Daddy!

It's been 5 years since you left me but it still feels like it was yesterday. So many memories, so much lost time. There have been so many others in the family who have gone on to follow you home and I hope you are all together. Some of them so young, others like you just tired of the pain and life here on earth. Its been hard for me over these past years, many things have changed but I try to remember the strength you left me. How are you daddy? How is heaven? I know that you are there. Sometimes there are so many problems and trials in my life that I wish I could just go to sleep like you did and not have to face anymore but I know that isn't what you expected of me. Its so hard sometimes daddy, I wish you were here still to advise me and give me some answers.

You never get over it.

When I lost my Father in 2005 I was devastated. Everyone kept telling me with time you will get over it. Well its now 2017 and though I'm sure they meant well, I haven't got over it and it hasn't gotten any easier.Since he passed on Thanksgiving which was on my birthday keeps the hurt raw and painful. I miss him so much. The long talks we had sitting under the old shade tree, the hugs he always had and always seem to know when I needed one.I miss you dad but I know it's better where you are.and now you're not alone.

On April 13th, 2017 mom went to join you. I'm sure you had a great and happy reunion together and I know you'll both be watching over me. But just like with you the pain is raw and burns like salt in an open wound. She slipped away peacefully in her sleep just like you. I kissed Her goodbye, just like I did you.

I know that people probably mean well when they say "it'll get better with time and Youll get over it, but I don't think you do. I think you just come to accept it and know there is nothing you can do about it and that they are in a better place.

I love you, mom and dad. Always.

© 2009 christalluna1124


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    • heart4theword profile image


      8 years ago from hub

      This was heartfelt, as I was reading...I thought how blessed you are to have had a Father who loved you. Such great memories you made together. I know you are thankful for your Father and your Father in Heaven:)

      Some of us, will never experience the kind of love, you received from your Father. I am so happy for you, you had these special times with your dad.

      Happy Memories:) Great Hub!

    • itakins profile image


      9 years ago from Irl

      I am in tears-beautiful tribute to your dad.God Bless.


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