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Tribute to my Mother

Updated on August 24, 2010

Anna Ruth Hand Peterson


With wonder that remains unmatched

and gentleness untold

there stands one with a quiet grace

yet she’s always rocked my world.


Auburn Hair that’s flecked with silver

speaks of wisdom earned with age,

a smile that sets the world aflame

with a love that can’t be tamed.


What a joyous life she’s lived

with the love of all she’s touched,

no one on this earth like her

this woman can’t be matched.


She is the one who bore me

the one that held me close

for that I’ll always adore her

and her guidance can’t be matched.


Mother you are amazing

in all you say and do,

you were created by Our Father God

as an example of all that’s good.


This tribute to you, I do now pay

tis the least that I can do

for all you’ve done for each of us

touched by your amazing Love


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    • profile image

      AnnaRuth 7 years ago

      You Darling Sweetheart, I do not deserve such adulation but I sure do LOVE it!!!