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Lightweight Triple Stroller

Updated on February 22, 2011

Ok, well if you're reading this I would just like to ask a couple of questions... OH MY GOD what have you gone and done!? Three babies, what were you thinking? Are you excited or petrified? Finding a triple stroller, I imagine, is the least of your worries.

Lol, I'd like to say that I share your pain, but we all know that's never going to happen! Seriously though, CONGRATULATIONS! I myself hope that, when I have children, we have twins first time round and get everything done and dusted right off the bat. However I have to say that I don't know what my reaction would be to triplets. I guess with IVF treatment being more and more common, triplets and indeed triple strollers will be on the increase. Well why not, the more the merrier I say. Still you wouldn't find me out shopping for triple jogging strollers that's for sure.

And if you're reading this because you've already trashed your first triple baby stroller (and how hard could that be?) then welcome, you've come to the right place. I shall endeavor to answer your concerns over which model to choose and to give you some pointers and advice so you get the right triplet stroller for you first time. A word of warning, there are some great products out there but you won't find many lightweight strollers amoungst them!

Triple Stroller Considerations

Triple Stroller

First things first, lets look at some of the top considerations when choosing a stroller. The following are all important and are presented in no particular order. If you're pregnant with triplets right now then take your time and don't rush into a decision. You don't want to make the wrong choice and either have to find another model, or make do with what you've got, when your little darlings are six months old and taking up every moment of your time.

1. How long is this stroller going to last you? - Not all strollers are intended for the same lifespan. Some are just for use while your babies are...well, babies, while others take over once they are toddlers. And yet others, the most expensive, surprise surprise, will take you right trough from birth to the age of four.

2. How manoeuvrable do they have to be? And by this I don't mean how good are the wheels! Twin strollers are hard enough to navigate around the city, many stores and shops aren't exactly stroller friendly. You just made moving about just that little bit more difficult. So do you live and work in an environment with plenty of room to move around in or do you find yourself shoulder to shoulder with your fellow many throughout the day. If it's the latter then you might need to consider an A line stroller where each child suits one in front of the other.

3. Weight and transport? I'm assuming that you don't intend to walk everywhere, if you are what a blessed and healthy life you lead. No, more likely you will need to get your kids and stroller from A to B before you can put them in it and get going. So take a moment to consider the weight of the stroller. Are you a strapping youth who's looking for durability in a stroller and doesn't mind lifting or pushing the extra weight? Or are you, like me, looking to avoid as much physical strain as possible, in which case look for a lightweight triple stroller. Further more what will you be using to transport the stroller? Yes, I know a car! What type of car, how big is the trunk? How high is the trunk. All these questions must be considered and answered before you choose the model that you are going to be hauling into said vehicle every day.

Cool Triple Strollers?

Triplet Stroller

4. Fashion? Lets face it we all want to be the coolest parents on the block. Chances are we want something that is not only practical and long lasting but something that looks good too! I mean we all like a nice looking car why would we want to transport our beautiful triplets around in some goddamn ugly stroller!? Like most things the better it looks the more it's probably going to cost. Try not to get too sucked into aesthetics, it may not make how stylish your purchase after a few months of use and abuse, babies create mess...fact. If you are too cool for school then I would recommend Mclaren strollers.

5. Strength and durability? As mentioned above a sturdy stroller will probably weigh a little more but the compromise may well be worth it. Again the question is how much use and what sort of use is your baby stroller going to be put through. Lots of walking in rough terrain, smashing it around the mall day after day? Get something that can stand the pace and make that your priority.

Triple Baby Stroller

6. Sporty? Believe it or not you can buy triple jogging strollers, so even with triplets you can keep up your punishing fitness regime. Personally, that is something that surely needs to be seen to be believed. If I had one ounce of energy left after looking after three small babies the last thing I'd be wasting that energy on is even ten seconds of jogging, but hey, what do I know? If you want to be Supermum (or dad) and live forever...go for it!

So that should be enough to get you thinking. I wish you well and hope to have a review of the best triple strollers available very soon.

Which factor would you say is most important when choosing a stroller?

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      kenny 5 years ago

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      Syreeta Adams 8 years ago from France

      Great hub, but I prey I never need one of these