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Troubled Child.

Updated on February 13, 2015

What is wrong?

Funny, how from years ago or a young age techniques are taught to you by authority, but not followed. I am not a life resident or born and raised in the state I live in. But neither is the problem I am having I think. Not sure how big this is, but it is causing problems in MY life. Not Allowed! Pretty sure I know what it is, just ...


That's exactly what I have been doing all these years. Dealing with everything and anything. But there is one thing that is just not going away. I have tried everything I can think of to fix or stop the problem. The reason for this tid bit on my problem is because I am now 30 and so worried about losing or not finding my family, I am in tears almost daily and worried I may be losing someone I don't even know. The people I look to for advice are difficult to explain and the people i have to go to are people I would never associate with. Because of who they are as people in life and society. Gross! I never used to look at another person and envy their life, but now just to feel hope for my children and husband, I am stepping past my own laws. One or the only person I trusted in to lead and protect me right, died years and years ago. Miss you. One thing this problems doesn't know is all the pain in the world is worth my man and our kids.

I can't get through

Some of my issues I have contacted the police about and others I think I have to work on my own. Scary thing is that I tried to become an officer a little over a year back and because of some normal fighting with the rents some trouble occurred. So I am worried that it might be working against me, how I have no clue. Been a while and worried just about the out look my life will have due to it. One thing about me, when I get into trouble I take my responsibilities and do them right. I am not a trouble maker, just was a free wild child that got into EVERYTHING!!! My family is in shambles and won't realize it. The kids are so gone due to the in-laws if you can call them that. One in particular is Never wrong and I swear has it in for ME! But, I know MY family and I know that I will be ok. Just a very scary time for my life.

How I will battle my life dilemma

Well, I will be talking with my counselor (if I can ever get back in). Also I was a CM and a SK, so i will be using those skills to help me through. Also, more of the Faith and Hope.


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