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Troubled Girls: The Reasons Behind

Updated on May 26, 2010

What makes troubled girls?

 How do they become troubled?  What circumstances lead to psychological damage for girls, who can otherwise have a happy life if only a pattern of guidance is developed?  These are some of the questions that this article will try to answer for those who would like to understand what it means to be troubled and how it can be solved.

First before we go any further, let us define what being troubled girls really mean.  Being troubled girls can refer to girls who have difficulty interacting with people diplomatically.  They are bred in such a way that they do not know how to show respect or show compassion for others. This might be due to the circumstances that surround their familial environment.

This inability to show respect by troubled girls may stem from various reasons.  They may have been the objects of sexual or physical abuse that led them to lose trust in other people.  This may also cause them to act out and do things that most girls their age would not normally do.

Examples of Delinquent Activities

Some examples of delinquent activities that problem girls sometimes get into are as follows.

  • Shoplifting
  • Trafficking
  • Prostitution
  • Drug addiction

These are just some examples of what troubled girls may end up doing if they are not guided well. Most of the girls who end up doing these things start out as rebellious teens who did not want to be bound by rules. Perhaps because they feel that if they follow the rules, they would not be able to get what they want out of life. Because of their adventurous spirit and disregard for rules, they have the tendency to try anything they want and believe everyone that they encounter.

Because of this, girls become troubled girls. They end up being led into the wrong path. Being troubled can be defined as having a disturbed nature. This could be the result of fear or guilt that they have, which is not yet expressed. This is why troubled girls need to have guidance in their lives so that they would not end up doing something that they would regret for the rest of their lives.

How do you treat troubled girls? Psychologists would tell you that discipline would help them gain balance and simplicity in their lives. However, this discipline should come from within. The girls should be able to talk to someone whom they can trust and be open with. If they can find this trustworthy person, they would be able to open their hearts and share what they really feel about life. Maybe they are looking for someone to share their experiences.

Once you determine the root cause of the condition, you can now help these girls deal with their various problems by allowing them to take control of the situation on their own. However, this should come at its own time. You and the counselor, or the authority figure must not force the troubled girls to share their feelings right away.


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