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True Meaning of a Daughter and Son-In-Law

Updated on August 8, 2016

Who is a Daughter or what is the meaning of a Daughter? Confused right. Ok let me assure that I'm not puzzling you. A Daughter is a beautiful gift from God. As they say that women think with their heart and men think with their mind. It's true. If you teach your daughter, the moral values and the meaning of life, she will give you a whole new life in return. Let me tell you a short story which happened in real and even I've seen it happening. It's about a Daughter, her husband, her siblings and their respective spouses, and her parents. The Daughter, Sana and her husband, Rahul live in Delhi. The story starts with these people shifting to Hyderabad, the place where Sana's parents i.e., Raghav and Meena live. Meena has some health problem and that's the reason she cannot do anything and she's bed-ridden. They used to live with Raghuveer and Sabita, their son and daughter-in-law. Now these people after few days did not allow their parents to stay with them. So Raghav and Meena move out of their house and start living in a new house with much difficulty. Now here comees Sana and Rahul with their children. Raghav asks Sana and Rahul that they must stay together. So Both Sana and Rahul agree for that. Now Sana ad Rahul buy a new house and take Raghav and Meena with them. They stay happily together. but somewhere Meena is not happy as she wanted to stay with her son. But then Rahul who is their son-in-law leaves no stone unturned to make them happy. As a daughter, Sana also does everything for her father and mother and sets a good example that a daughter can do anything to everything for her parents. Never discourage your daughter or never insult your daughter for they are the angles in disguise. Wondering what happened next? I'll reveal it to you soon. Till then keep guessing. Thank you for viewing my Blog


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