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Trying To Do It All Just Doesn't Work

Updated on October 6, 2012

Festival Photos

Fall Festival Madness

It happens every year in the fall. Each weekend, there are too many activitiess from which to choose. How to pick, what to pick, what to leave behind - that is the question!

Here it is the first weekend in October and there are six different festivals I want to attend today. Not to mention the college football game that will start at 3:30 this afternoon! So, how should I pick and what should I do?

Should I go to each one and spend a few minutes here and there? One I really want to make it to is a fundraiser for a little 5-year-old local boy who is fighting brain cancer. I wrote about him this morning on He loves Christmas and asked his parents if they could decorate for Christmas early. His story was picked up by the local news channel and by ABC World News. The boy has become an internet sensation! So that event is a definite yes for today.

Then there's a festival where one of my friends will be exhibiting her artwork. I try to support all of her local events. We were once partners in a local business, a small retail store selling arts and crafts. It's a fun festival so I think that one's in too and it's close to the festival for little Nathan.

Point of Honor is a local historic home and they are having a fall festival today with living history, period music and fun things for kids to do. Several of my friends will be at this event and I want to cover it for a future article so I guess it's in too.

There's a fall festival at one of the local elementary schools that I'd like to attend. Another of my former partners will be at this festival, exhibiting her crafts. I was invited to participate in the event but am not spending much time doing scrapbooking anymore so I turned it down. I may get to this event.

The other two are more iffy. One is at a middle school about 30 minutes north of here. I don't know anyone there but saw it on Facebook so I'll probably skip that one. The other is in the same direction and is a two-day event. The Clifford Ruritan Festival has been running for many years and it's a good event. But you have to pay to get in or park or both and the best events are today. May have to save that one for tomorrow.

So, if I have so much to do, I wonder why I haven't even showered yet??? I've been up since 2 a.m. writing. I guess it's time to close this down and get going with the day. Time's a-wasting and I can't just sit here all day.

If I was in charge of the world, there would not be so many things happening all at the same time. But I'm not so that's life. Have a great Saturday!


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