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Two 5 Star Potty Training Pants- Amazon

Updated on September 20, 2015

Scotty Potty training pants for boys, and i-play training pants for girls

There are many milestones when it comes to the growth and development of your baby. Perhaps one of the most talked about and challenging is “potty training”. If you are worn out from purchasing disposable pull-ups or they are just not working for you, then the alternative is to use potty training pants, or some type of toddler under pants.

There are a few brave parents that just jump into regular underwear however, these are not intended for beginners and potty training. There is good reason behind this. As you know regular underpants are one thin layer of fabric. NOT absorbent to say the least.

Who has not had their child wet the hardwood floors, carpet, bed, or sofa? This adds up to damages and much cleanup.

This is when we turn our attention to potty training pants. Purchasing the very best quality available for the price is necessary in-order to make your life while in the training process as painless as possible.

This is a review of two 5 star rated potty training pants on Amazon.

Scotty Potty Training Pants

According to the makers of Scotty Potty training pants, the pants have a unique design. Instead of training pants that are made intentionally to be tight fitting, Scotty Potty pants are designed to fit loosely. The reasoning behind this is that most young children have issues when it comes to pulling their training pants up and down. When in a hurry as is the case more than not, training pants must be able to be pulled down in enough time to prevent an accident. With Scotty Potty pants the assistance from the adult should not be necessary. This allows less accidents thus promoting independence as well as a feeling of accomplishment for the child.

The pants are designed with a center panel that will hold the accident to a certain extent. This will allow the toddler to feel the wetness thus creating more awareness than you will get in disposable pull ups where detection of an accident is questionable. You will see that the side panels are created to allow air to circulate. Leg bands are ribbed for a comfortable feel. The center pad is where the design holds accidents. It is made with a panel that has a sponge inter-layer. With this being said the Scotty Potty pants are not totally waterproof. Yet they will hold accidents and have training ability. The company does offer a night time version of the pants that do have waterproof fabric. These are intended for naps and nightly sleeping.

Customers Say:

The manufacturer states that it is recommended before the first use to wash the pants. This will increase the absorbency and you will see much better results.

One customer states that she truly loves the pants. Her son is now potty trained. The pants do shrink a bit but were a perfect fit. You should not have to worry about leaking on to the floor as they do stay wet enough to make the toddler aware and uncomfortable but not leaky enough to cause damage. she also stated that the Scotty potty pants were much easier for her son to pull up and down than disposable pull ups.

Another customer says that they are "sick" of paying for pull-ups. In addition they felt that it is true that toddlers can feel too dry with pull ups. They feel this was true with their son as well. Again it was witnessed that their two year old felt enough wetness to be aware and attributed this to assisting in the potty training effort.

I-play Girls Potty Training Pants

The makers of i-play potty training pants say that their product is made of cotton that is 100% in the shell. The lining of the i-play training pants is made of terry polyester. They say that the pants are designed to pull up and down easily for toddlers as this is necessary during the training process. The pants have comfortable band on the leg openings that are ribbed. I-play training pants are said to have a water-proof lining that will assist in the toddler feeling wet as well.

Customers Say:

A mother of an 18 month old daughter says that she was having difficulty finding training pants that had leg openings small enough for her little daughter. She was very delighted when her i-play training potty pants arrived as they fit her daughter perfectly. In addition she added that aside from the pants working just as they were intended , her daughter loves the pretty pants and wants to wear them all the time.

Another customer states that her 3 year old daughter was rebelling about potty training. They had tried many things that they had read, and even let her run around the house with no clothes on. This only lead to many long days filled with accidents. This is when she made the decision to purchase these pants. They are not meant to hold a lot of wetness so the child will feel uncomfortable. After 3 weeks, ( some accidents) her daughter is potty trained.

Some customers stated that the legs of i-play potty training pants are a bit small. This should be kept in mind when ordering sizes.


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    • tuggy50 profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl Carpenter 

      3 years ago from VA

      I know what you are saying. I raised my son in the 80's. I am a professional nanny as well and I am amazed at all the gadgets and electronic devises parents have now to assist in the raising of their children. We can be very proud of our success as well.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Nowadays there are many types of potty training accessories for our love ones. Back 20 years ago, my teen who was a baby had to be train with sitting her on the potty and whacking her legs when she had accidents


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