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Two Year Old Twins

Updated on May 2, 2009

What's it like having two-year-old twin girls? An adventure I didn't expect. I am amazed every day by their differences and by their perspectives. Dare I compare and contrast?

I try very hard not to typecast the girls by saying things like "Grace is the quiet one", etc. However, there are some obvious differences in their personaities that make that hard not to do sometimes. Let's start with this - They are exactly two years and four months old and their names are Abigail and Grace. For the sake of a birth certificate, Abigail is the oldest. I don't necessarily agree that one is older than the other, simply because no matter how you look at, the one positioned in the lower half of the womb is usually the first to arrive. Even though I had a c-section, the doctor happened to pull Abigail, the lower one, out first.

Let me also preface by saying that my girls were born at 37 weeks and pretty darn healthy. Although they were slightly under weight and it took a good month for them to be considered a good weight and growing at a good rate, I was certainly blessed that there were no complications and/or health issues. I state this because it is part of my perspective and experience. It certainly doesn't mean that the first year didn't have the obvious challenges and concerns!

Now that the girls are two and we've established how everyone fits together and what our family structure looks like, I have to say (most of the time) it's pretty darn fun! There is still the lack of sleep and the general chaos and clutteriness (my word for kid mess), but overall, it's a hoot getting to know these little creatures and what they bring to the world every day.

Abigail, in one word, is intense. She can be very loud; but the positive to that is that she absolutely LOVES to sing.  I would not be surprised at all if she grew up and became a singer, a very famous singer that buys her Mama a house.......ah, but I digress.  Abigail was the first to learn to potty in the potty chair yet still needs to wear a pull up at night.  She had no desire to walk and didn't start until she was almost 15 months old.  Abby is very maternal, she likes to carry around a baby and wrap her baby up in a blanket and she also likes to be the leader of the younger kids.  Although she started out slightly smaller than Grace, she is now almost two pounds heavier and has very long legs.  Abby is a light sleeper yet is definitely affected by any lack of sleep.  She can be downright crabby!  She can also be outgoing and friendly, she likes to get to know new people.  Like I said, everything is intense for her.

 Grace is more subtle, in everything from her quiet little laugh to the way she flitters from one activity to the next.  Grace likes to be physically close to those she knows and loves and is almost painfully shy around new people and places.  It takes her quite a while to warm up.  She walked right around a year old and there was just no stopping her, she loved the freedom it brought to her and would literally run circles around Abby and laugh while she was doing it.  Grace had no interest in potty training when Abby did but when she decided to, that was it.  There was no going back and she hasn't worn diapers or pull ups since then.  Grace likes to tease and can be ornery sometimes.  She likes to play ball and I could definitely see her playing soccer very well someday. 

 I think the funnest thing right now is just watching them interact with each other.  Although they are both very much  individuals with extremely different personalities, they have no idea what it is like to be without one another and it's amazing what that dynamic looks like sometimes.  My little grandson gets quite upset at having to share my lap, but for the twins it's just part of their life experience.  They are so used to being cuddlied together, picked up together, sharing space that they don't question or complain at all. 

It's a joy to watch them sing together, chat with each other and yes, even get upset with each other.  Best of all is when they love each other and give hugs and kisses.  I can see the bond they have and it just goes beyond words.  I wonder what that would be like.  I can't wait to see what will come next with them and feel so blessed every day. 

I'm happy for comments and to hear of your own experiences.  I will write about these little lovelies again. 


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    • In This Moment profile image

      In This Moment 9 years ago from United States

      Thank you for that! I do try to treasure each day and stage knowing that these are my last. My oldest two are 25 and 20 and I can't believe how quickly it went!

    • The Next Write profile image

      The Next Write 9 years ago

      It sounds like you are a good mom to these two little girls. My oldest is 17 now and my youngest is 14, but I remember the fun filled days of playing with them as toddlers. Enjoy every minute because they grow quickly but being involved in each stage of their life is a real pleasure.