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Tyra Banks Congrats Mommy

Updated on February 16, 2016

Welcome Baby York

Congratulations Are In Order

Tyra Banks

Congrats! At 42 years old you have become a mother thanks to the help of a gestational surrogate. Tyra welcomed little York after struggling with fertility with boyfriend Norwegian photographer. Good for you to discover another way to make motherhood work. The choices you made will undoubtedly inspire others that want to experience motherhood that perhaps are concerned with fertility. Congrats at deciding there is more than one route to accomplish a goal.

For ladies getting older and becoming concerned about becoming a mother there are options available to you like never before if traditional pregnancy is not an option. While there are several different options to explore regarding having your bundle of joy, do not rule out adoption as well. There are plenty of great kids out there that would love a home while allowing you to give the love and enjoy the experience of motherhood.

If Motherhood Is Your Desire

Be encouraged and inspired to know there are options. From freezing eggs to IVF to adoption if you have the desire to become a mother -circumstances and technology can make that possible. So for those ladies or couples experiencing obstacles or women feeling as if motherhood is not an option, it is possible. Be encouraged-you do have options.


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