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Umbrella Stroller Information

Updated on July 24, 2010

An umbrella stroller is a very lightweight stroller, usually under 20 pounds and compact. An umbrella stroller is ideal to take with you when travelling because they can be folded down and take up very little room. Umbrella strollers are great for trips to the mall, day to day errands and walks. If you are able to find an umbrella stroller with storage space that is even better. Also some models now allow the baby or toddler to recline. The big difference between an umbrella stroller and a standard stroller is that an umbrella stroller has less padding, which makes it less bulky.


It is advisable that your umbrella stroller have a three point harness.  This allows parents to secure their child to the stroller and prevent him from getting out while the stroller is in motion.  Standard strollers usually have a tray that also help prevent the child from getting out of the stroller while it is in motion.

One thing about umbrella strollers, they cannot have the same safety features as a standard stroller.  Because they are more compact than a standard stroller they can be seen as more flimsy.  However, most families get an umbrella stroller for travelling.  That is why umbrella strollers are recommended for shorter trips. 

Some safety tips for buying an umbrella stroller is research the brand. Know their history. Check to see if they have had any recalls, complaints or produced faulty equipment recently. Ensure that the stroller was put together properly and that it won’t tip or wobble. Check what kind of harness the stroller has. For most umbrella strollers they would have a three point harness. But the best would a five point harness. Look for potential pinch points that a little curious child could put a finger, hand or foot and get stuck or pinched. Also look for potential choking hazards, such as straps, nuts, bolts or anything that a child could take apart and put in their mouth. Finally, check to see if the umbrella stroller has a brake and how easy or difficult it is to engage the brake.

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    • mamasport3 profile image

      mamasport3 6 years ago

      My cheap, no frills umbrella stroller was my favorite stroller. Loved, loved, loved it!