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Understanding the Plight of a Stressed Child Part I

Updated on July 9, 2012

Our Young Children Get Stressed Too

Stress is such a common word nowadays...

Stress with work, stress with family issues, stress with relationships and many other sources of stress. These are the issues that human individuals deal with at present. Most of these reasons however are experienced by the adult individuals already.Question is, is it possible for the children to experience these sources of pressure and specifically feel stressed? The answer is "yes". Their sources of stress might differ from that of the ones causing problems with the older generation, but they too feel the pressure of facing the issues that relate to their own ages.

Parent and Family Issues

True, children get involved with the first environment they get to know of which is their family. Understandably, the home is supposed to be a caring and peaceful place for our youngsters to grow into. A place of calmness that allows them to grow fully into mature and responsible adults later on. This is the reason why psychologists use family backgrounds as the base element of their investigation every time they intend to handle cases of personal developments regarding individuals having issues in their behavior and perspectives in life. Yes, the family life that one grows into has a great marking impact on the behavior that one develops to have.

However, with the many things going on in a family, it is quite hard for parents [and at times even the older siblings of young children] to keep themselves calm. The many changes that the world embraces in order to welcome the entrant of globalization has caused parents to lose quality time with their children; and other members of the family have to much in mind that they spend the smallest of their precious times with the family. This has become a common picture especially for families living in the urban areas. Observe how a typical American family with three children who are all going to school everyday.

  • ....The mother wakes up early preparing the food of her family
  • ....She wakes her family up and prepare their things as well
  • .....the father wakes up prepares the car...
  • .....when everyone else has taken their own baths and handled morning personal activities, they barely have time for breakfast...
  • ....everyone gets into the car and each one dropped off at school, at work or in any other appointments they have for the day

The next hour they would be together again would be in the late afternoon, if not the late night. If the mother is not working and has to take care of a young child at home, the mother still have chores to complete.. time is simply a matter that should be given so much attention. With so many things to do and many tasks to complete, it seems that sitting down and relaxing during regular days is such an illusive thing to imagine.

Observe how this culture of modern day living has impacted the lives even that of our children. Take note how much they are growing into an environment of hostility that at some point, even their houses cannot be called a home anymore. In fact, according to a recent study, at least 54% of school children today get bombarded with family issues that causes them to miss school, or fail their grades simply because they cannot concentrate. When the parents are asked about the situation, most of them admit that they have too many responsibilities to accomplish that they begin to set aside some of the issues that their children might be facing.

Is this a true picture in your family? If it is, then better take heart.

One of the most important needs of children is that of attention from their parents. True, they may get a satisfying sense of socialization from their peers, but this could never amount to the good relationship that their parents would be able to establish with them as they grow older. Children would always take a hold on the small memories that they have of their parents even up until they grow older. Even a small minute of fun talking or playing with them will affect their vision of their parents for a long time.

Harnessing the relationship that we, the parents, have with our children is like an investment no money could ever be able to exchange with. It is the investment that would pay so much later on as our children grow into mature adults, ready to face the bigger stresses in life.

....... TO be Continued.....


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    • tsarnaudova profile image

      Tsvetana Kodjabasheva 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      rutheddavid, I wish you to have a great Christmas, marry and joyful, with your family :)

    • rutheddavid profile image

      Ruth Serrano 5 years ago from Philippines

      thanks a lot tsarnaudova for a heartfelt comment.. thanks for reading.... :) have a great day :)

      nice to know there are parents like me who are really concerned about how much time we give our children...

    • tsarnaudova profile image

      Tsvetana Kodjabasheva 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      So true, so real... This is the real life, and not only in the American families. To find time and give our full attention to children's needs - so important that is and so difficult to achieve as modern working parents. Yet that's essential for our kids. Thank you for sharing this, I read it all in a breath.. Up and useful.