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Unhappy Mother's Day

Updated on June 10, 2017

The sadness of not being able to celebrate Mother's day

Yes, you heard me right! Not this special day is special for everyone.Not this occasion brings happiness to everyone.
When everyone is sharing the happiness of having a great mom or being a great mom on this Mother's Day, I would like to draw your attention to those who have not only never sensed such feeling but also have to be really strong on this day to keep themselves together.
I'm talking about the unfortunates who either don't have a mother they deserve or don't have her at all.While social media is all bloomed up with Happy Mother's Day messages, quotes and testimonials if look around us we will find out there are people in society who:-

  • Were born orphans(Mother died during childbirth)
  • Lost their mothers at a very young age
  • Lost their mothers due to her illness/accident/old age etc.
  • Are estranged from their mothers due to various issues like her mental illness one's own mental illness, family problems, misunderstandings, legal issues like divorce/custody, natural calamities etc.
  • Are physically connected but there are huge emotional wedges which cannot be worked out(like when the mother is suffering from personality disorders like NPD, BPD, PTSD etc which makes a person extremely toxic and impossible to keep in touch with).
  • Other issues like the mother being a criminal and serving in jail etc.

Not everyone is sleeping on the bed of roses as it seems on the social network.There is huge social pressure to participate in the race that onsets on the days of such international festivals. Social networking occupies a huge space of our daily lives, so much that it is almost impossible to keep moving without noticing its trends.
Mother is the most important person in one's life.The love that she can give to one's child is incomparable. The comfort that a mother's lap the support that a mother's shoulders can give cannot be found anywhere for any price. No extent of romantic or platonic love can replace motherly love.The trust that we can have in a real mother cannot be found anywhere.We all know this.Most of the fortunate ones are living lives with these luxuries of motherhood.But if someone says that they are deprived of it, then there is a very rare chance that they are lying.
As a society, instead of shaming them we should show them their support without being non judgemental and showing them compassion for they are lacking the basic human luxury that god granted to all living beings.Their pain is already too much to bear.We can definitely not fill the vacuum they have but giving them a listening ear on this day we can help them vent out.
We can be mothers to motherless.Motherhood is not just nine months of pregnancy rather its compassion for anyone who needs it.
Lets be compassionate for the one's going through "The Unhappy Mother's Day"

© 2017 Annu Pandey


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