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Teething: Why I Am Going to Look Like a Body Builder by My Sons First Birthday

Updated on June 30, 2016

Having an "Easy Baby"

While being a mother is never 100% easy, when my son was first born, he hardly ever cried. He would kick his legs, wave his arms around and say "eh" when he was hungry or had to burp, but that was about it. If he ever actually cried, you knew something was wrong. Family and friends who came to visit told me I was so lucky to have such a good baby. I agreed then and I agree now.

Teething: When Everything Changed

However, this whole "never crying" thing began changing shortly after three months when he started teething. At first it wasn't too bad, once every two or three days he would randomly start crying and chewing on whatever he could fit in his mouth. I'd give him Tylenol, pat his back and he'd be perfectly fine in just a few minutes.

These crying episodes slowly started happening more and more often until it was 1-2 times every day, they got longer and it gradually got harder.

Must Haves for Teething Babies

Tylenol, Orajel and the Dimples & Grace Teething Necklace are life savers when it comes to teething.
Tylenol, Orajel and the Dimples & Grace Teething Necklace are life savers when it comes to teething. | Source

Keeping a Teething Baby Happy

When it comes to making him happy (or at least calm..ish), there are a few things I have found that almost always work:

1. Walking outside

2. Being held in a standing position (he's not even four months old and can support his fully body weight, just holding onto my thumbs for balance)

3. Bouncing

4. Baby lifts

Rocking back and forth does not work. Patting his back does not work.

Breastfeeding, spoon feeding, binkies, teething rings, swings and bouncy seats... The easy and convenient things that would usually be perfect and worked for my nieces and nephews, do not work.

This Is Why I Will Look Like a Body Builder

This is also probably why I've lost so much of the baby weight so quickly. (From 159 to 130 in just two months).

At his two month check up, he was 12 lbs 8 ounces and the doctor said he would probably be around 16 lbs by his 4 month check up. If I had to guess, I'd say he's going to weight a bit more than that.

Between walking for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes, bouncing him on my legs and in my arms and repeatedly lifting him above my head, I pretty much get a full body work out, just from attempting to sooth my poor teething baby.

Luckily, this typically only happens during the day, usually in the afternoon. The day this happens at 2 am, I will probably cry.

Before the Tears Start

Luckily, there are multiple (mostly much easier) things that work to keep him relatively happy for a good while before he decides he just can't take it.

  1. 4Moms swing- this swing is constantly being moved from room to room and while I never plug it in, he absolutely loves it. Why? The little black and white/brightly colored balls that hang above him. He starts out just staring at them as though they are the most incredible thing he has ever seen. Then he'll start reaching up, hitting, spinning and pulling them. Sometimes he just sits there, staring at them and cooing with the biggest smile. Maybe he has imaginary baby conversations with them and they're incredibly funny and he starts laughing.
  2. Playing- Whether I am tickling him, talking, singing or just making faces, he, like any other baby, loves to play.
  3. Cuddling- Also like most other babies, including every baby I have ever been around, he loves cuddling. He will lay on his side, staring at me, reaching out to touch my face and smiling for as long as I can lay there with him.
  4. Teething necklace- When my mom came to visit after my son was born, she gave me a Dimples & Grace teething necklace. He will chew on that thing like there is no tomorrow and, once he figures out how to hold it in his mouth, I'm sure he'll like it even more (I know I will). This is fantastic because, unlike traditional teething rings that get frozen, O don't have to worry about him biting through it, poking holes in it or the seam tearing and my baby getting chemicals in his mouth. Also, since it doesn't have to be frozen (although you probably could), there is no love-hate relationship. Considering the fact that my son HATES being cold, I've been too afraid to try even a frozen wash cloth.

Dimples & Grace Teething Necklace

My son absolutely loves this thing. I take it with us everywhere.
My son absolutely loves this thing. I take it with us everywhere. | Source

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